Any one know of UPS\Fanatec issues

Hii all,

I am somewhat concerned that I placed a pre order on the 12th of March (#1460547) for the DD CLS plus other bits. Whilst I knew it would not be arriving until late April so have not been worried but despite now having a tracking number (well 5 off for the shipment) they are all showing :-


23:02On the Way

Arrived at Facility

Bielefeld, Germany28/04/2022

21:31Departed from Facility

Langenhagen, Germany28/04/2022

17:58Origin Scan

Langenhagen, Germany28/04/2022

7:05Label Created

Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.


Its been like this since the 28th April so over a week now, and I have a friend who's order was processed about 24hours earlier and that all arrived Tuesday this week.

Does anyone know of any issues why there's been no progress.



  • That doesn’t look right I think in my case, also in Germany, „on the way“ „out for delivery“ meant it arrived to my place a few hours later also by ups.

  • cheers, this is a shipment that's on its way to the UK but like i say above a friends entered the same facility 24hours before and he was notified of a delivery date from ups etc and it arrived on Tuesday. I've heard nothing which is my worry currently.

  • Ah okay probably I wouldn’t worry about it too much then couple days then it’s received.

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