Fanatec wheel base working on ForzaHorizon


Just picked up a Fanatec CSL DD w/ Formula V2.5X and I am just trying to figure out if there has been any sort of update as to the wheel base working with this game?



  • Currently I am struggling to get it working.

    I have read from this post that the most recent beta firmware with the base in PC Compatibility mode its working now.

    Before people were having to roll back to v356 if I am not mistaken to get their bases to work just in FH5.

  • Psql DPsql D Member

    It worked with all firmware versions, but PC Comp mode is required to get it working.

    Only thing with older firmware was it crashed FH5 all the time. It was even v346 some people mentioned. But even that version still crashed my FH5.

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    The most recent beta driver for fanatec works woth no crashes. AFAIK the csl dd still needs to be ran in compatibility mode. For some reason my podium dd1 I have to wait till the game has already launched to turn it on. That or I have to unplug the usb and put it back.

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