the update system is stupid

Brilliant product you guys have put together. I love everything about it.

however, after spending $3k on a premium sim racing wheel setup, how can you guys justify mid race firmware updates???

I honestly cant believe how many times I go to break in a corner and the wheel disconnects due to firmware installation automatically.

Did your software department skip a step in production or what?

The FFB on the DD1 is second to none, yet we have this ridiculously shit update system. Surely one of the big brains you have working for you can add a manual update mode so we can turn off this atrociously shit auto-update.

Clubsport 2.5x Formula

Podium DD1

CSL Elite pedals


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    Running iRacing by any chance?

    They will say it's a bug in iRacing that they don't want to fix. Fanatac doesn't have any auto updates. But somehow iRacing is able to trigger the update process.

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    Please try the newest driver 442 which has a potential Fix for this implemented to prevent this issue which is somehow caused by iRacing using the vibration commands.

    For now it's only a potential Fix as nobody has reported if it's working or not and the issue is VERY rare and as this issue was introduced with Season 2 2020 Build from iRacing and not from a Driver or Firmware update it's also possible that in the end iRacing has to fix this if the potential workaround fix from the newest driver is not working.

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