clubsport formula wheel v2.5 led not working . please help me

hello . 

Sorry to bother you guys with this, but I don't have any way to fix it . 

My symptoms :

my fanatec formula wheel v2.5x led not working . but everything else is fine . 

i using dd pro wheelbase 8nm . (ps4 Ps5 comp mode)

All drivers have been updated to the latest .

fanatec drive is 442 version

wheel drive is 45 version 

When i am in the driver and do the led test they not work too. (just can see the xbox button light )

but the wheel everything else is fine . 

i play on playstation 5 f1 2021 

my wheel drive was 40 version . i can not update to 45 . 

and then my friend try to use DD1 wheelbase help me update the wheel drive . 

then it worked .

before update to 45 , the led light still not work . 

but when my friend use dd1 wheelbase update the wheel . led light is work . 

why i using dd pro just not work -.-?

in game :

UDP format is 2021

Send rate is 60 Hz

UDP telemetry is ON with port 20777

Your telemetry is restricted

i also try on ps5 gt7 and pc steam f1 2021 . not work too 

i was try to use dd pro wheel , the led light is work . 

From my purchase two days ago to now , i never seen the led light is on .............-.-

that make me so very very sad . please help me ...

i dont know what can i do now . 


  • The same thing happened to me with the WRC steering wheel after the last update.

    I entered the Fanatec software, in the steering wheel page, I turned off the leds and then I turned on again. Now they work.

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