System freeze when using both Fanalab and Fanatec CP

CSL DD (PC or CMP mode)

McLaren GT3 V2 wheel

Fanalab 1.63

Driver 439

Wheel Base

Wheel Base Motor

Steering Wheel 44

Wireless QR

Win 10 Pro Build 19044

My issue:

1. Turn on wheel

2. Launch Fanalab

3. Open Fanatec CP

4. Go back to Fanalab, load a profile -> move mouse around for a few seconds and suddenly: SYSTEM FREEZE.

It doesn't always happen right away, but inevitably, if I have both Fanalab and the CP open at the same time, things will eventually freeze after a minute or two at the most. It always seems to be when I'm actively making adjustments or loading a profile in Fanalab.

And by system freeze, I mean that both the mouse and wheel become completely nonresponsive and fail to register any further input. The only thing I can then do is to Ctrl Alt Del (KB and mouse are plugged into the same bank of USB ports, which is different and separate from the wheel's USB port.

I've tried moving to different USB ports, to no avail. USB power management is turned off. I'm not using any USB hubs or extension cables. My wheelbase is separated from my rig via rubber and vinyl washers, and I've installed several ferrite clips on the cables, so EMI *shouldn't* be an issue.

I'd prefer not to upgrade my drivers/ firmware, as I was pretty happy with things until I noticed this happening a few days ago. I've reinstalled driver 439 as well as Fanalab, but neither seemed to help. I've had this driver and Fanalab version since shortly after they were released a few months ago, which is why it's so odd that I'm just noticing this now. Haven't made any changes to my setup or software, so I'm kind of at a loss here.

I suppose the obvious solution is to not have both Fanalab and the CP open at the same time, in which case things seem to be working fine. But it makes me wonder if it's a software issue, or if there's something amiss with my computer/ rig setup.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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