Positive Support Feedback to Spare Parts Request

Hi all,

Understanding a lot of people posting here are reporting long support wait times, I though I'd post a positive experience I've just had.

Requested support against my Xbox Universal Hub, noting reduced button tactile feedback on regularly used Xbox commands (A button, and Right on the funkyswitch), asking if I can purchase spare parts as the product is well out of warranty.

12th July - I sent the request from the 'support' button in 'My products'.

13th July - Got an email response back from a customer service representative, certainly not a generic response, and specifically noting that a quotation had been generated for the parts, but could be 48h before it appears in my 'quotations' in my profile.

14th July - The quotation for the spare parts appeared and includes correct parts as requested, I'm even surprised by the very reasonable replacement price of the Xbox Funky Switch!

15th July - I've accepted the quote and paid, it now appears like any other order in my profile, and is awaiting processing and shipment.

So assuming shipping isn't absurdly long, this is a very different experience to others reports, and I'd argue it's as good as you could expect from any company.

Thanks Fanatec - I'm a happy customer.


  • i have 2 similar experiences, one a broken CSP spring and one a broken internal cable on my SQ shifter. Both were responded to and quoted and paid as you describe. The spring came fairly quickly. The cable is still “in process” after more than a month. I’d guess this is likely due to availability. While I can applaud the initial contact, after my money has been paid it would really be appreciated for there to be some additional feedback, especially if there is going to be some delay to obtain, (most likely from China). So taking the order: good, fulfillment still needs more work to better manage expectations.

  • Update - All the parts arrived on 21st July (9 days after initial support request), in this case I think the service was excellent from Fanatec.

    Neil I agree with you re your experience; if a part quoted against isn't in stock then they should provide a note it'll be back-ordered or something, sounds like a good suggestion to the customer support team.

    Good luck everyone and see you on the track.

  • I've had a similar experience with customer support. Had to order new 3mm GT carbon shifters for my Porsche GT3 wheel as well as replacement button caps for the BME (I believe Fanatec should have replaced these as the early wheels suffered from poor quality), neverless the customer support was quick to respond. Only complaint is that I was charged $39USD shipping and $10 handling for $30 parts. Seems steep for a small package. Still waiting on them to be processed as it has been over a week now.

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