Fanatec Driver 447 (Prev. Official Release) (Prev. 445-446) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



  • Good Morning Maurice,

    Just more brainstorming but I realize there is a damper setting for going into reverse. This is what I have from your profile, could it possibly be a bug with the reverse / damper setting that causes the damping to remain after shifting out of reverse?

  • That Reverse Damping needs DPR, so when DPR is set to OFF then the Reverse Damper is not working.

    At least that's how it should be... You can try to disable that setting and see if it fixes the issue.

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    I have confirmed if Driving Reverse is disabled then the Damper Effect never happens.

    Testing Process

    Disabled Driving Reverse Option in Fanalab

    Ran an entire lap pulled off of a turn to go into reverse (never felt damping) went back into 1st gear and finished entire lap with no damping effect.

    Enabled Driving Reverse Option in Fanalab

    Ran an entire lap (with no damper effect) pulled off of a turn to go into reverse (felt damping as I was reversing) went back into 1st gear and finished entire lap with constant damping effect.

    It appears (and if anyone is available to check my testing) that even though DPR is set to OFF and Reverse Driving is ON then the Reverse Damper is still working even when you kick back into first gear. My solution for now is to keep Driving Reverse OFF as the only draw back is no damping when reverse driving but since it is almost never used the benefit is the damper effect won't stay permanent for the rest of your driving session.

    Thanks again for your quick responses Maurice and as always thank you for your continued support and outstanding Profiles.



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    I just tried using mouse emulation and had the same issue with the following buttons causing the control panel to crash and disappear:


    -Left Click

    -Right Click

    -Middle Click

    if I hover my actual mouse over the selection and roll the mouse wheel sometimes I can get it to change the dialogue box selection but hit or Miss.

    Podium DD2

    Formula v2.5x

    Driver 445

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    This is very very weird.

    I tried this now on my Formula v2.5, Formula eSport v2, Button Module Endurance, BMW M3 GT2 V2 and RS wheels and I dont get a UI crash when I adjust the buttons for Mouse Emulation (using Driver 446)...

    For everyone: when the application crashes please ALWAYS provide the Logs which you can collect directly in the Driver UI and also provide Wiindows Crash reports which you can find in the Windows event viewer.

    Without any logs its impossible to investigate crash issues when not everyone has them so we cant reliably reproduce the issue.

  • I’ll work on driver ui logs.

    just type windows event viewer in start bar or specific directory to open?

  • Hi everyone

    Well, after follwing threads about the different driver version since the 439, i decided today to update My Fanatec gear (DD2 / McLaren V2) to the last driver 446.

    And ... everything goes fine with no issue after a few minutes of driving on iRacing and ACC.

    Yes it's important to tell it because there is so much scary message on the forum and positive feedback are more rare.

    So in order to update I only download the latest driver package, DD2 on, and smash the old one. Then i resteart the computer, come into the Fanatec manager and update the 3 fimware by clicing on the "update button" and following step byt step.

    Then i update Fanalabs too and no issue too, bonus i keep all my settings.

    Regarding the feeling change between 439 & 446. No it's not a revolution, leave revolution to Apple, ... am joking.

    For a user, 446 is a great evolution of the 439. Feeling is much smoother, precise and responsive. I did not need to make change on my settings, they just feel a little bit better.

    I did not notice bugs but after reading the forum, just avoid to use reverse DPR in dynamic FFB settings and REV wheel vibration.

    I did not update my pedals V3 plugged into my DD2 and they work like a charm. I Only have to check my H gear but calibration is okay so no reason to have any issu.

    Here it is, that was my feedback.

    As i never update by pleasure, i think i will keep this driver for a long time now. Thank you to everyone for comments and feedback, special mention to Marcel and Maurice.

    See you guys.

  • Good Evening Maurice,

    As requested please see attached Windows Event File and Fanatec Control Panel Log Files.

    I think I got the right ones but please let me know if not and I can resolve.



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  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    This looks different and worse than the input jump but I haven't seen something like that before like you describe it. I only know this issue being related to USB problems and in that case you would also have a loss of other inputs. Did you already check the other suggestions I gave regarding USB?

    As you seem to have the issue quite often and its a really annoying one I would suggest you go back to the driver which previously worked fine for you for some time to double check if the issue is then gone again.

    Like Maurice said its quite easy for your CSL DD, just install the older driver and then manually flash the firmware.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Thanks, I'll forward them to our developer so he can investigate your crash.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Driver 447 (hotfix)

    • Fix for the UI crash with CSP V2 and CSP V1

  • Any reason to update from v444 with CSL DD Pro? Seems that there's no noticeable changes(?)

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    Changes since Driver 444:

    Control Panel

    • Fixed some Tuning Menu values getting transferred to Auto Setup when switching from Advanced Tuning Menu Mode to Standard Mode.
    • Fixed buttons "Mouse Emulation" and "Steering Wheel" in SW page getting stuck after page change/close/reopen.
    • Fixed Mouse Emulation toggle switch where it fails to work after page change.
    • Fixed not working driver update notification by updating to new communication protocol.
    • Fixed the UI crash with CSP V2 and CSP V1 (though this was only an issue with 446).
    • Added button to reset auto calibration of pedal inputs.
    • Made it easier to switch USB Adapter Modes by directly opening the firmware update window instead of just the Firmware Manager.
    • Improved Pedal Calibration UI.

    For me big enough changes so I would update, yes. Especially the fix for the broken update notification alone is reason enough for an update so you get an update notification shown in the Driver when a new driver is available in the future which is not working with Driver 444.

  • Would it be possible to get lower steps for interpolation? 0 is grainy but 1 is too much. Would like something lower for 1. On CSL DD.

  • That's not planned, no.

    With a default setting of 6 on a Podium DD and even 11 on a CSL DD I dont think that 1 is too much.. In fact I cant play any game with a setting below 3....

  • I can send you my settings and have NDP off in driver as there is some weirdness with ACC damping. I have Gain at 80 and adjust with keys per car FFB. This way I get better feeling.

  • Hi Marcel,

    So far I have downgraded the firmware back to 439 and turned off power savings on all my USB ports. I do not use USB hub, the CSL DD is connected straight to the USB port on the motherboard. I have seen some suggestions that if the USB disconnects Windows will make a sound. I certainly did not hear that when it happened, the rev lights and buttons still work on the steering wheel.

    The firmware is now back to 439 for a few days now and so far the issue did not reoccur. If it does happen again I will attempt your suggestion of removing and reattaching the shaft.

  • These new 447 drivers are fabulous! They also seem to have solved that metallic dry blow that you could feel if you took a high-speed curb, rebound let's say, now it's “rubbery”. ... it's really gorgeous. But more generally it also seems to me fuller in all circumstances, nice beautiful beautiful. I have a DD2, V3 pedalboard, Formula V2 crown. Thank you Fanatec for the great work you are doing !!!

  • I noticed that on the newest driver Force feedback for FM7 is not supported. I reinstalled v356 (because that worked for FH5 as well), and then FFB in FM7 works. Since it's been a while back since I last played FM7, I don't know with what driver version the FFB dissapeared (unfortunately).

  • Hello. I have a question. These new drivers are for updating the Fanatec control panel right? I mean that it is not necessary to update the base, engine or the PBME etc etc... or is it? Thank you

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    Depending on which driver you used before a new driver can contain new Firmwares for Bases, Motors, Wheels, Button Modules and Pedals.

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    Hi, what changes from v439 for csl dd ?

  • Please read the Changelog by yourself. They are all provided in the first post and in the txt file included with the download.

  • Yes, sorry. I have installed and updated the driver v442

  • Okay. Thank you very much Maurice. We will update then.

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    Hello, the problem I have between podium dd2 is that I cannot update its firmware; because if I do I run out of force feedback. the only firmware that works for me is the base version 662 and the engine version 30, wireles quick released V6 driver 346. updated the version with the latest Fanatec Driver (447) I am totally left without feedback, the test from the software does not it works and less in a game. I have done everything I found in the forums, I have updated and downgraded from 380 to 446 and I have no Force feedback. the only driver version that works for me is 346, everything works perfectly; the steering wheel, the basis of the feedback. But I'm worried that I can't have it updated since the fanalab of this version is completely useless and I bought a new steering wheel and I can't use it. I did everything they sent me in ticket 194163 (disconnect quick release and reconnect) (update 446) but the ffb doesn't work. every time it restarts it never stays aligned. I need a solution please. attached log.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    What are your overall FFB settings?

    So far it looked like that the available range works well but If enough agree that this should be done we can have a look.

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