v3 loadcell

does anyone know where i can get a v3 loadcell, cant find one anywhere. even on there webiste , its only for v1 and v2 .
iam waiting on a response for them as mine is still under warranty, but i thought i would be qucker just ordering one because of the time it takes them to actaully get back.


  • Contact the Support chat which is available now as I write this post. You can get official help within minutes there. It's not available for sale, you can only get them through support anyway.
  • ok thanks
  • how do i get to support chat
  • if you're in the usa, its only available in EU time, so go to the fanatec site, log in. then on the screen a red tab should be on the left if its available. So lame to have N.American operations in Beverly Hills of all places, but i cant get help unless i wake up in the middle of the night?
  • ah right iam in the uk, cant see any live chat 
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