Fanatec V2 wheel not recognized Project Cars 2

I don't think I've seen this before but tonight when I tried to play Project Cars 2, the wheel felt very funny. Tons of slack and an overall loose feeling. When into the settings and saw where it was saying I had a Thrustmaster wheel instead of my Fanatec V2 wheel and it wouldn't let me select the Fantaec wheel.

Now I've got my Formula V2 rim connected to the wheel base but I don't think that has been a problem before. I've got an older Club Sport rim that I do remember seeing as the correct wheel in settings but I don't remember seeing a Thrustmaster shown and it wouldn't let me select the correct wheel.


  • Are you running in COMP PS4 mode?

  • No I'm on Xbox One X but it's actually an old known problem. Turns out I had a conversation with Fanatec about it several months ago when I first got this Formula V2 rim. Since the rim is newer and Project Cars 2 stopped updates a long time ago, this rim isn't recognized and it just lists it as a Thrustmaster. But I had not driven the Ferrari 488 GT3 in a long time and it's always felt kind of loose to me anyway but it isn't a problem with the wheel, it's the car.

    So I really shouldn't have posted it as a problem.

  • But it does raise a question. If you're running a wheel that is not recognized by the game, are you just essentially running the defaults for the wheel that the game is recognizing? In other words, is the Fanatec V2 Formula V2 rim, just running the default Thrustmaster settings that the game recognizes? And that's what's making this rim feel not quite right? But if I put on the old rim that makes the game recognize the Fanatec V2, then the actual Fanatec settings are being ran in game?

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