Stiffer V3 Gas Pedal Spring

Has anyone else upgraded their gas pedal spring? I've installed the stiffer gas pedal spring that came with my Clubsport V3 Inverted, but I am still wanting a bit more stiffness. Has anyone done anything like this?


  • If you want an even stiffer throttle pedal you could try the damper kit as an addition.

  • I watched a youtuber try it out. I'm just worried about response with the damper kit. In my head it makes me think that the throttle wont return to 0 as fast.

  • Yep, the damper will add some stickiness to the pedal. But I doubt it will effect the return to 0 that much tbh.

  • Hello everybody

    use the damper kit on the accelerator pedal because it was too easy for me. I have to say you had concerns about sluggishness, but can calm you down. It is optimal, above all, you can set it anyway you want. Incidentally, the damper only dampens in one direction.

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