I f**ked the cable of the throttle on the "CSL Elite Pedals"

edited April 2020 in Pedals

Before anyone gives me a bad mark on being careless and stupid, remember this is the first Fanatec product(CSL Elite F1 SET) I have ever owned in my whole life and I myself am a passionate lover for sim racing.

So yesterday I wanted to change the positions of the pedals to avoid the platform moving sideways. Sadly as I was mounting back the throttle, I accidentally placed the darring cable between the pedal unit and the platform and the whole cable has now been sliced. I tried to send Fanatec a support request with photos of what the issue looks like. I am so worried of how long it can take to get a response, if I can get only a new piece of throttle and Fanatec accepts that while being under warrenty.

Have you had this experience? If you had, how did you resolve it? Please send me a story of what happened. I love this wheel so much but I have been in deep depression after this incident. The wheel itself works perfectly fine and I have no problems with it but cant play it without a throttle. I have never ever thought even to this day that this cable can easily get cut off...



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