V3 Pedals not Recognized by PC

I recently added V3 pedals to my sim. I finally got them working on Thursday just before my race. Everything seemed fine during the race last night. I went to do some testing tonight and when I went out, I was experiencing lockup at about 60% brake effort. I tired to go out and change the gain in the device settings, but my pedals no longer show up as a connected device to the PC. I can calibrate the pedals in game, but my PC does not see my pedals outside of game. I tried unistaling all the drivers, reloading, and restarting. Sill no pedals in devices. Any ideas on what I might try? I sure wish Fanatec had a help line or any kind of customer service number at all in the US.


  • Are they connected to the wheel base, or directly to the PC (USB)?

  • Connected to both. Pedals work in game, but PC does not see them so I can adjust them outside of game.

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    Connected to both? It's one or the other, not both. You can fry the Pedals like that.

    The manual is VERY SPECIFIC about not doing that because you can damage them that way. From the manual:


    IMPORTANT: Connect the ClubSport Pedals either by USB cable OR by RJ12 cable to a wheel (base). Never connect both ways in parallel to

    avoid hardware damages!


    Just connect them to the wheel base and disconnect the USB cable. If you are lucky, they still work once you do that. If not, then you probably shorted out the board and voided the warranty. You could still contact them and see what it would cost to repair them though.

    Hopefully there is no damage, and you're good to go. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you for the info. I was getting pretty frustrated. I disconnected everything, removed all drivers and devices, reloaded drivers, plugged hardware into PC only, and restarted computer. All seems to be functioning properly now..

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    Good. Glad to hear it.

    A lot of folks actually like have the pedals plugged into the wheel using the R12 cable. This frees up a USB port on your computer, and you can tweak the pedals from the wheel menu . (BRF is specifically for the braking force). Either way works, but wanted to let you know about that.

  • Just wondering I have a similar issue but my pedals are connected to the DD1 but I can’t see them in the Fanatec game controller to calibrate or make sure firmware is up to date? In racing the brake is super sensitive? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Spent most of the night trying to get the pedals to work with the PC. I was trying to connect to the Wheel Base via the R12 cable. Finally gave up and went with the USB cable. Everything works fine now. I'm beginning to think the pedals only work through the wheel with the console. This may be a firmware issue. I was more interested in getting the wheel to work on the PC than the Xbox anyway. I'll try putting the R12 cable back and disconnecting the USB plug to see if the pedals are recognized by the console in Xbox Mode.

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