ProSim handbrake on fanatec csl elite base


This is PS4 related, unless otherwise mentioned.

I have a ProSim handbrake (usb) and I soldered the 4 wires on the potmeter which has a RJ12 connector. I think the wiring is good, the hb is recognized since it's just only a potmeter doing the job, just like fanatec's own hb.

2 things:

1. when connected to the base, Dirt Rally 2.0 only registers it as a digital button

2. when connected to the usb hub from the loadcell pedal, DR 2.0 registers it as an analog hb, but...... when I pull the lever only 25%, the game registers it as already 100%.

Same happens when I connect the wheel to the pc, but on pc I can manually calibrate it the right way.

2 months ago I used a drivehub the connect the hb to the ps4. Same happened, but then when I pulled the lever all the way, in the meantime the console registered 4 times the same 25% in a row.

I don't know if someone managed it to get this done the right way. I would like to hear from you.



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