Suggestions for a cockpit

Hey everyone, pretty new to the sim world and after digging and digging for a fairly affordable cockpit I am stuck. I have the means to customize things(welder, drill press etc.) but am looking to get a decent cockpit(seat, stand, pedal support, shifter support, and display stand) that is fully adjustable, comfortable and ready to go with the csl elite setup i just purchased. There are a ton of choices out there and I figured I'd dig into this knowledge base before I drove myself mad with research for any recommendations anyone has.

I am willing to break out the tools, but after fighting with my printer to get the pedal set drill template I'd rather not if I can avoid it. I got it done but it was a pain in the you-know-what.



  • GT Omega make affordable products, that are well made.

  • Checkout DOF racings sims, goodluck!

  • trak racer

  • TrakRacer TR80 is a great value 8020 cockpit, it includes a heap of extras like shifter mount, adjustable wheel mount, feet, etc.

    I've had one for almost 12 months, it's fantastic :)

  • Cheers guys, was literally coming on here to ask a similar question..

    I've got Playseat Evolution, yes ok rig to start with and fairly solid for my CSW2.5, however no matter what anyone says, is not suitable for 3 pedals.. I've had to shift my brake far left for F1 left foot braking(ankle still runs on post too), but i wanna rally too and get shifter and handbrake next, but wont be able to heel/toe cause of the wheel support in middle..

    Damn thing creaks like mad too, fine for me and Astro Cans on, drives Mrs E wild though so want something solid and quieter.. Is the Trak or GT quieter?

  • Update..........I settled on a next level FTGT racing rig with tripple monitor stand add on and castor wheels. the seat is not super comfy nor is it easy to switch from f1 to gt stance but for the 600 i paid and how sturdy the thing is overall. its fantastic. great starting point and holds all my gear nicely. just have to get a keyboard/mouse tray and it will be complete. best part is no center bar to interfere with left foot braking and I have all the adjustment room i need for my 3 pedal set.

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