Club Sport Steering Wheel BMW GT 2

I am getting the BMW steering Wheel GT 2 and would like to use it on my Podium DD 1, for WRC 10.

Can somebody tell me, if that would be OK ! ?


  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
    edited September 2021

    The BMW M3 GT2 is FULLY compatible with a Podium DD1. It is known however to be one of the heaviest Fanatec wheels though.

    Since the real car uses a sequential floor shifter instead of paddles, I removed my shifters completely for realism. That took care of the extra weight .

    I suggest you do the same and get the static shifters from Fanatec that mount to the DD1 for rally driving if you don't have the ClubSport Shifter.

  • Thank you Jack ! I will try it out.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    The GT2 V2 is much lighter than the original version, and comes with magnetic shifters, which are easily removable, which makes it even lighter.

  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
    edited September 2021

    I assumed he was getting a used BMW M3 GT2 V1

    Anyways, I weighed my V1 WITHOUT paddesl/shifters including button caps = 1710 grams

    V1 WITH paddles/shifters from Fanatec specs = 2120 grams

    V2 (Assuming WITH paddles installed) from Fanatec specs = 1661 grams

    My understanding part of the weight saving on the V2 is the two vibration motors are now excluded. Those could also be pulled out of the V1.

  • The weight is a nice bit of dampening if you've got a podium DD I find they have power to spare.

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