Does the csl dd need a universal hub

Trying to see if you need a universal hub + figure out wheel options in this base


  • It's my understanding that you only need a hub (universal, Clubsport, or Podium) if you're looking to buy a wheel that doesn't have built-in buttons on the wheel itself.

    I'm using the McLaren v2 wheel with the CSL DD, and it all works great.

  • Thanks. Im a bit confused as when I add the wheel like gt2 bmw it automatically ad's a qr adapter for 100 bucks so really the wheel is 400. A bit discouraging since the details say a new version of qr is coming. A bit confusing.

  • The QR which gets added automatically is free. Wheel with QR is 300.

  • Thanks!

  • The website doesn't reflect this properly until you actually go to pay. It initially does indeed show the QR as an extra charge, only when you get to checkout does the extra cost get removed. This should really be fixed.

  • I had the same issue, apparently its something to do with the way you add the wheel to your cart, whether it's from a wishlist or not maybe. In then end the QR adapter did indeed show up as free and that's how it went through the checkout.

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