Clubsport Steering Wheel Nascar V2

What's up with the Clubsport Steering Wheel Nascar V2 (Xbox).

The wheel only is available now, the V2 hub on 20 October.

Both together as a package is a 100€ discount but availability is 17 January?

Since Nascar21 is coming on OOctober 26 that's a bit annoying.


  • it is the same from my view of the website in the UK.

    clubsport universal hub v2 for pc with the clubsport steering wheel r300 v2...

    5 feb if ordered as a wheel and hub but the hub itself is actually available from 3 jan, but of course it is €100 more expevsive if ordered individually.

  • The Nascar bundle availabilty changed to 20 October. I ordered right away!

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