Podium F1 wheel with PS5 for F1 2021

Hello, I’ve recently been configuring my new Podium F1 wheel for use with my PS5, playing F1 2021. I have been unable to solve a few issues. First of all, the setup that I’ve saved in the FanaLab software doesn’t seem to save to my DD1 wheel base. I am not able to do things like customize the LEDs or the display. Secondly, I am unable to set the clutch bite point to work properly for launches. Finally, I am not able to get rumble motor feedback in my ClubSport v3 pedals in this game.

I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions.

Thanks, Dennis


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    Fanalab is not supported on consoles as it has to run in the background to take effect which is obviously not possible on a console.

    For Rumble motors it's the same, what you set in the Lab is irrelevant, the game has to support the Rumble motors natively which only a very few games do.

    Also F1 Games do not support the Clutch Bite Point

  • Thank you for the response. That explains it. I was hopeful that the FanaLab software would save settings in the wheel base that would then work in the game on the PS5, but it looks like I’m out of luck.

  • Dennis,

    Fanalab only works with PC, and when you use DD in PS you have to change the mode, so any setup done by fanalab is saved in "PC mode" not PS mode.

    you will need to setup again the values using the wheel on each S_x.

    Regarding the rumble ni the pedals, only work the ABS (Break's rumble). You need to setup the value ABS (or BLI) range between 0 to 100, I suggest 90, this means that when you achieve the 90% of thebreak it will start vibrating.

    Remember to setup the BRF (brake force) to a nice value...if it is to 100 you will need to press very hard to get the maximum break till block the wheels. I use 50.

    And finally, if you have some helps in the game, as ABS on...maybe the break rumble won't work.

    About the throttle rumble, I was able to enable only in WRC game. And to do this, I have to set the ABS (or BLI) to Off, then I lose the break rumble but I get the throttle vibration instead.

  • That's not correct. Changes to the Tuning Menu are saved to the Base, regardless of the used mode.

    Saved Tuning Menu in PC mode is the same as in PS mode.

    What's not possible to save to the base is stuff like LEDS, Display and Vibration stuff which is what the OP wants but that's just impossible as these things are saved to a Fanalab profile which only works on PC for obvious reasons.

  • Thanks Maurice.

    I didn't know that. When I connect my CSL to computer is only to upgrade the firmware. Once, I used fanalab to setup the parameters, and when I plugged in the PS, I realized that the setup was not in the PS mode, so I thought that the fanalab program only saves the values for the base in PC mode.

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    Good to know. I had the same problem. I spent a bunch of time customizing all the lights when I updated the firmware the first time, then poof everything was default when I loaded up Gran Turismo (on PS4 at that time).

    After that I focused on getting the FFB settings better because I was initially very slow. There's a magnet outside the Monaco tunnel I never knew about! That took me a good week to figure out the settings across multiple games, and I never went back to messing with the LEDs. Mostly because the McLaren wheel feels better and it's become my daily. It doesn't have the LEDs to mess with so that fell by the wayside.

    The blue Podium wheel is just for decoration now anyway. Too bad there isn't some kind of Fanalab plugin for the PS5. I might use the Podium wheel more if it did more.

  • It would be nice to have some kind of a plug-in or software update for PS4/PS5, particularly since the Podium F1 wheel is marketed specifically for use with the PS platform.

    Most of the settings that I program in the FanaLab software do, in fact, transfer to the wheelbase. The additional features that I'd like do not transfer. Hopefully we will see some progress or an update there.

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    Ask Sony and dont blame false marketing.... By not a single word is Fanalab marketed as Playstation compatible. And the Podium Racing Wheel F1 works 100% fine on Playstation, just limited to how the game Developers want to show their Telemetry data.

    If one day such Telemetry Software can be run in parallel with a game it might be possible but for now something like that is just not possible and it's a console limitation, nothing Fanatec can do.

    But I see exactly 0 Chance this will happen anytime soon in this decade. Not on PS5, and not on PS6 I would bet.

    All settings which you adjust in Fanalab and get "transfered" to the PS are regular Tuning Menu settings. For that you dont need Fanalab, you can even set and adjust on the fly in the Tuning Menu in the wheel itself when it's connected to a PS :D

  • Woah... I didn't mean to get you riled up. I'm not blaming anybody for anything. The wheel is clearly promoted as being PS compatible (which it is), and it comes with the PS button caps pre-installed, etc. I love the wheel and I'm very happy with the purchase. I was just hoping there was a way to get a bit more out of it like you can on the PC. I'm not blaming Fanatec. for anything, Sony has done a few other silly things with F1 2021. For example, the voice commands don't work on the PS5 system like they do on the PS4 system. Sometimes these little things are frustrating.

  • I had no idea about the voice commands not working on the PS5. That is disappointing to hear. I play on PS4 and knock on wood, most everything seems to be fine. Out of curiosity, do you happen to know other things that are not working with the PS5 version?

  • That’s the only one I’ve found so far. I loved using voice control on my PS4. Sony blames it on Microsoft.

  • There's voice commands?

    I have serious man-love for Fanatec, but I wouldn't agree "there's nothing they can do". Maybe they wouldn't be able to tie flag lights to certain events like they can w/ the PC, but changing the colors of the rev lights can and should be adjustable through Fanalab. Fanatec just needs to make that information carry over to the PlayStation config.

  • With the new CSL DD Pro (or whatever they're going to call it) coming out I have HIGH hopes for better PlayStation integration across the board. The ability to configure lights and buttons for PlayStation through Fanalab, or a PS version of it, would be ideal.

    Example: GT Sport only has 1 Fanatec wheelbase (CSL Elite) configuration, and it's not a direct drive unit. We're using belt drive drivers basically. That's not perfect. Is that why ACC feels SO much better to drive? That's one of the many reasons to look forward to GT7.

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    The voice commands in the F1 games are great. I really wish Sony would get them going with the PS5. Basically you push the radio button on the wheel, and then you've got the following voice command options:


    • Box this lap

    • Full race update

    • Driver in front

    • Driver behind

    • Who am I racing?

    • Tyre status

    • Vehicle condition

    • Weather report

    • Fuel information

    • Pit stop information

    • Set hard tires

    • Set medium tires

    • Set soft tires

    • Set super-soft tires

    • Set ultra-soft tires

    • Set intermediates

    • Set full wets

    • Adjust wing up

    • Set wing balance

    • Change wing down

    • Teammate status

    • Rival status

    • Fastest lap overall

    • Best lap update

    • Last lap time

    • Championship standings

    • Engineer quiet

    • Engineer talk

    • Engineer repeat

    • Fewer updates

    • More updates

    • Shut up, Jeff

    • Leave me alone

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