Current Shipping timeframe in the US?

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Not "concerned" just haven't spent this much on the internet in a bit, & on a product I've actually never see in person.

Anyone order an item from the US warehouse recently? An item that was "ready to ship." What were your shipping times? Did you get a tracking number when the item shipped?

Calm my nerves that I won't be waiting till after Thanksgiving.



  • Put an order in week and a half ago when my csl dd went to processing. Received the csl dd yesterday. My other items I ordered still haven't shipped yet. Sucks to have the dd and nothing to use it with.

  • Ordered in June, mine says processed as of Nov 10th, no updates since. Honestly if I knew then that I was going to wait this long I probably wouldn't have placed my order with them. Really sucks that those who ordered their DD after have received theirs and I'm still sitting here hoping for an update. Worst customer service I have experienced. You know its terrible when eBay items ordered once order showed processed have shown up and my new rig from Scotland is expected to deliver tomorrow when I ordered after my order processed.

  • I can bet they have a lot to do in their work. I dont think we should come at them that hard. Keep in mind that there is strict amount of products on the market right now and Fanatec can have many issues with delivering their orders on time. Its a very hard time for everyone and Fanatec workers probably take overtime at work.

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