Ingame settings overwrite global settings - Clubsport Pedal V3

Hello everyone,

I am new to the fanatec community and just received my Fanatec Equipment.😍

I was playing F1 and everything was fine (although my driving with the new CSL DD sucked a bit 🙈)

I adjusted my pedals and steering wheel and was really improving over the time.

But then I was trying to go to the ingame Button mapping and now I am facing a weird issue. The Ingame settings in F1 2021 overwrite the settings I choose in the Fanatec Control Panel for my Clubsport Ellite V3 - Pedals.

Now I have 50% throttling and 50% braking when I go on track and I don't know how to fix this :(

Maybe I am just stupid and I can easily change these ingame settings, but since I am also new to F1 I am really struggling with these settings...

(The settings from the FCP are still correct)

Thanks for help :)


  • edited November 2021

    You need to use the compatibility mode for F1 2021 because Codemasters screwed up the native implementation and they have to fix it with a new game Patch.

  • Oh come on, its as simple as that, thank you very much!!

    Lets go back racing 👍️

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