Clubsport Quick Release Adaptor rattles loudly?

All brand new today with CSL DD, the black sprung collar on the Clubsport Quick Release Adaptor rattles very loudly when I stop a car in-game quickly to a dead stop or if I crash into a wall or something. I can see why it does it as it's only the spring kind of keeping it under tension but surely that's not right? It's really not a good look when it's rattling and clanging about loudly. Anyone else have the same issue or found a fix for it?


  • That's how that QR works and it's absolutely normal.

    You can make it less rattling by using the optional retention screw.

  • Cool, thanks for confirming. Like I said I totally see why it does it so I'm not too concerned, I'm using a desk mounted setup at the minute and I detach the wheel rim for storage when not in use so it's out of the way so I'd rather not have to keep using the retaining screw but I will do if the rattling annoys me too much, either that or I could just try not to crash so much.

  • Luke FlemingLuke Fleming Member
    edited December 2021

    It's not from the spring, it just because by design there is slop in the system, if the shaft fitted perfectly flush it would be impossible to take on and off. Use some plumbers tape on the angled bit on the shaft. it will bunch up nicely and remove 95% of the noise.

  • I didn't mean it was entirely down to the spring but yeah I figured I'd add something to dampen the noise so I'll try some PTFE tape first then as that's a good a place to start than any.

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