Issue latest Driver 4.29 DD1 / DD2 Base: 689 FW, ClubSport Pedals V3 not working


i updated to the latest Driver and DD1 Base: 689.

F1 2021 (Xbox Series X) no longer works with my ClubSport Pedals V3, Formula wheel is working fine, but pedals won‘t work on Series X anymore.

Tried ACC on PC, all is working fine, last week with previous DD1 FW, there was no problem in league rase … any ideas ??


  • You can try to reinstall (uninstall driver, reboot, install driver, reboot, try again)

  • I'm sorry ... problem solved ... think it was my mistake.

    I've connected the pedals with RJ12 & USB to an USB hub, both (DD1 & CSP V3) are connected over the hub to Xbox or PC.

    For any reason, after updating DD1 & Pedals (v1.32), the pedals stuck in a mode, which works fine on PC, but Xbox does no longer recognize the pedals and the were without function.

    I just unplugged the pedals USB from USB Hub, keeping RJ12 connection, and Xbox recognize the pedals again. After that, I could replug it into the USB hub and it seems to keep working, as long as you don't reconnect it to the PC

  • It's my understanding that you should NEVER, under ANY circumstance, connect your pedals via both RJ12 and USB at the same time. If playing on console, you should always use RJ12 to connect to the wheelbase. If on PC, pick one or the other, but never both, as you risk doing damage to the hardware.

  • ok, didn't know that, so you always have to connect the RJ12 und just Use the USB if you wanna flash the Pedals ??

  • I think the main reason for connecting the pedals to your PC via USB would be so that you can use them with a non-Fanatec wheelbase. Since you don't need to do that, I would stick with RJ12, which if I'm not mistaken offers more options in Fanalab (as well as freeing up one of your computer's USB ports).

  • okay, thank you, my USB hub has a power button for each port, so I can keep it pluged, switching off, so I can easily connect it to my PC if an update will be available.

  • hola muy buenas, tengo un fanatec CSL elite y ya no se si es problema de drivers o algo que el volante cuando giras tiene mucha resistencia y no tiene información, si alguien me puede ayudar se lo agradezco porque e bajado parámetros, ff, y no hay manera es como si estuviera haciendo clipping todo el rato...

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