"CAUTION Steering wheel not supported! please update the firmware! in DD1 display

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Hi, when I connect my Clubsport Wheel RS that message appears. If I open the Firmware Manager, no connected steering wheel appears and I can't update it, any solution?

My PC Driver is 429


  • Anyone could help please? There is no way to update the firmware trough the firmware manager, It shows like there is no wheel attached.

  • Sometimes when I connect the steering wheel, the oled display on the base turns off, other times, this message appears:

  • Happy news!

    I found the problem. Well, I just opened the cover where the connectors for the paddles are, in both steering wheels I have, to see if there were something different, and bingo! I noticed the connector which works for the QR was a little bit out in the CS RS, so maybe it came not well plugged in and with the DD movements maybe it was unplugging little by little. I plugged in carefully with my little fingers and now it works ok.

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