Different shaped button caps?

I'm currently using the McLaren GT3 v2, and while I like it a lot, one thing I find I have trouble with sometimes is telling apart the two face buttons that are placed vertically on either side of the wheel (i.e. A and B on the right, and X and Y on the left). I find that sometimes I mean to reach for A and I hit B, or vice versa, and the same with the other side.

It's sometimes difficult to tell them apart by touch and I thought it would be nice if there were available somewhere button caps that were concave instead of the convex ones currently on there. Even something that has like a raised center dot or something would be preferable to having all identical-shaped caps.

Is there anything available like this that anyone knows of?


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    I mean, I guess there's this:

    Apparently those caps have a slightly raised edge that seems a bit different from the ones that came installed on the McLaren wheel. Question is, would it be enough to tell them apart by touch alone? 🤔

    Plus I don't *really* want to spend $30 just for what essentially would be 2 replacement button caps, but I suppose if there are no better alternatives...

  • just take the cap off one button each side - the buttons themselves are concave. Cost - $0.

  • 🤦‍♂️ Can't believe I didn't notice that. Thanks for the heads up, I think that should work perfectly.

  • But if you wear gloves, can you really them apart? Concave or not I mean. Shouldn’t muscle memory just tell you where they are? Since one is higher than the other.

  • Like I said, usually it's not a problem as you're correct, you should know what button it is just by where you're reaching. But on occasion, your hands might be slightly shifted in their placement on the wheel from having made other adjustments, so you may not be reaching for those buttons from the same starting position.

    Even with thin gloves, I find that now, having popped off the cap for both the Y and B buttons, there's just enough difference in feel so that I can quickly tell them apart from X and A without question. Sure, it's a minor thing, but details like that matter to me. 🙂

  • i am using x and a buttons as indicators but i do like the idea and i am using thin mtb gloves and can feel the differences... concave or not

  • i am even starting to wear a thin hard, slightly flexible soled shoe.

  • Good shoes help immensely IMO. Something that gives you grip and some support, but minimal cushioning so it doesn't dampen your feel of the pedals.

    I've been using an old pair of something like these for years, and they're perfect:

    A couple of guys I know have even taken to wearing (as silly as it may sound) shower shoes. Thin sole, super lightweight, very cheap... why not, right?

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