CSL DD Boost Power Supply Issue - High Pitched Noise

This past Tuesday (Nov 23rd, 2021), I started my setup of my CSL DD and pedals by updating the firmware.

My CSL DD Base was just standalone, not connected to my console.

When first turning on the base, the 180W power supply was producing a very noticeable high pitched noise. The pitch of the whine changes with minor movement of the steering wheel. Note, that the base/wheel is just sitting idle, so the load should be very low.

I contacted Fanatec support this past Tuesday (Nov 23rd) and support replied on Nov 24th asking for a video. I provided the attached video on the 24th and haven't heard back from Fanatec support since. I saw that someone else posted in the forum about a similar issue and Fanatec replaced his/her power supply. My noise seems far more pronounced than the other poster's video so I'd imagine mine would also be replaced.

Anyone else experience this?

I was happy with the promptness of Fanatec's initial response to my original email... still waiting for their response since providing the video in email.


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