No Way to Order A Custom Product Bundle, Nor Order Parts to DIY?

I want to start this post by saying that EVERY SINGLE person I have interacted with over the past two weeks has been friendly and as positive as they can be while telling me "no". This has nothing to do with them or their interactions with me. That being said, I do not know the reasons why they are having to tell me "no", and this further confuses me as I have already bought your products and am willing to purchase more of your products to get exactly what I want.

I play space sims, specifically Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous. I use a HOSAS setup, Hand On Stick And Stick, vs having a single stick and throttle like in a HOTAS setup. After using this HOSAS setup, I found I needed to evolve my control setup to have some simple controls at my feet. Many of the options available for this either to expensive for simple controls, or are made with inferior materials and fail after minimal use. I stumbled upon a Youtube video of another person in my exact position with a HOSAS setup AND using your products with it. After reserching it a bit, I decided to give Fanatec a shot.

I purchased the CSL Elite pedals a few months ago, and while they have performed flawlessly, I as missing a third pedal. I was told I couldnt buy and connect a second Elite brake pedal to the set I already had, and the only third pedal option I could connect was the Loadcell kit, which was discontinued. Disappointing, but I was then directed to the newer CSL pedals. After looking these over, I found these pedals could fit my needs better than the Elites, due to the addition of a third, non-loadcell pedal. However I need the "brake" and "clutch' pedals to be identical in their "feel" under my feet. At this point I was told by product consultation and technical support that I cannot purchase a second "brake" pedal in addition to the CSL Pedal set, nor could I purchase the separate parts to effectively convert your clutch pedal kit into a "brake" pedal in terms of feel. Again, very disappointing.

After these last CS interactions, I'd like to say that I feel Fanatec as a company is missing out on an opportunity. You could easily break into Space Sim market, instead of exclusively being pegged to Sim Racing, with little effort. Your products are super reasonably priced, and quite frankly better quality than the cheapest alternatives available. And the best part is you can do this with the products you already offer, albeit combined in a slightly different way. As it stands now, my only options are to purchase a comparably priced, inferior product, pay double the cost for a comparable quality product that lacks some features, or deal with having something that works, but lacks the functionality and "feel" I am looking to spend money on. If I can search Google/Youtube and find videos about other using racing pedals in this way, there are bound to be others who are looking for quality products at reasonable prices. I am not alone in this need. I would love to have a reason to just openly recommend your company and products to my fellow space sim enthusiasts, instead of having a long list of "no, we cant do that" compromises to consider before purchasing. Thank you for your time.

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