Fanatec EU Site Not Working

Hi all,

Do other people also have problems with the Fanatec EU site not working properly since yesterday? I already tried to delete my browser history, cookies etc. However, I still only see a white screen with some blue links. Technically, the site seems to work, but the normal layout is no where to be found.

I Googled for some minutes and found some people had the exact same problem in 2021. I believe it was in the beginning of December. See this Forum Discussion as well:

I am keeping an eye on the wiebsite as I am planning to enter the Fanatec ecosystem when the GT DD PRO standalone base is released. If it still will be released, that is... Will have to settle for a Premium GT DD PRO Bundle then...

Logically, the site should be working properly, otherwise I don't dare to order for that kind of money should the product I wish to buy become available (for pre-order).

Anyone have any insight into this matter>




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