Gt dd pro F1 2021 ps5

I received my gt dd pro a few days ago I also own ps5 and Xbox X I have purchased F1 2021 on both consoles . So while my base is recognize on both consoles I can only play f1 2021 on the Xbox . When I try to play ps5 f1 2021 my base is recognized but my wheel doesn’t work . I tried everything I even deleted the game and reinstalled it nothing works for ps5 f1 2021 it only works on Xbox for whatever reason . Before anyone says you have to be in blue mode yes I know lol anyone else have this problem ?


  • You need to run the base in purple compatibility mode on PS5, not in blue mode lol... ;)

  • Yes tried that one too . Tried pretty much everything. The crazy part is that the base was made for ps4-5 with compatibility for pc and Xbox . Yet I have no problem playing f1 on Xbox and doesn’t work whatsoever on ps5 .

  • You need to be in purple compatibility mode and the Base needs to be assigned to your PSN BEFORE you start the game, thats the trick which everyone makes wrong when they say its not working in F1 2021 on PS - it is working when doing this correctly :)

  • How do I make sure my base is assigned to psn ? I’m new with ps5 I’ve been Xbox forever and I didn’t have to do anything special it just worked .

  • Ok yes I do that . I forgot to mention that for GT7 everything works perfectly fine it’s only on f1 21 that it doesn’t work .

  • Just tried what you said to do and it worked ! Thank you

  • I was suffering with this issue last night and missed an F1 league race, luckily it is a fun league only. I didn't know you had to be at the main screen of the PS5 and press the PS button BEFORE being in the game. Just tried this now and it worked. That is dumb IMHO, there some instanced where the Fanatec just doesn't make sense where as my T300RS did completely. However I will take my CSL DD GT over the T300RS without a question. At least I know now what to do.

  • Hi All, I'm brand new to fanatec and ordered the GT DD PRO before seeing the comments about the issues with F1 2021 and some of the buttons not working, in particular the x button and options button. Not much use when trying to play F1. on arrival just yesterday I instantly suffered the same issue and thought I was going to have to go out and buy a new more compatible wheel without even getting to use this one. I was pretty gutted. I tried everything I could think of to get the wheel to work with F1 but to no avail. I then recalled an error message I was getting from my PS5 some time back about the external hard drive I use for PS4 game storage needing to be plugged into the high speed USB and not the standard USB port. So, I thought what the heck, it can't hurt swapping the the 2 cables round. O powered down the wheel base and the PS5, swapped the cables and boom, everything worked perfectly. Not only that but the different in driving experience using this wheel base compared to my Logitech G29 was pretty much incomparable. So I'm a very relived and happy with this piece of kit and hope this info helps others who are suffering the same issue as I was. (needles to say the wheel base also needs ot be in PS5 mode)

    Good luck everyone in trying this and fingers crossed the fix works for you too.

  • Hi, All

    I'm having the same problem with the PS5 F1 2021 game. When I load it, the game works OK using the Playstation hand controller. However, after pressing the PS button on the Fanatec DD Pro wheel, whilst in blue Playstation mode, the game opens OK but then I can't get any further, as all the buttons on the steering wheel do not function. This is only happening in this game, all my other driving games work properly with the steering wheel. I have tried compatibility mode on the steering wheel but again nothing happens. I don't know what else to do, can anybody advise?

  • For F1 2021 the base needs to be put into the PURPLE PS compatibility mode and assigned to your PSN profile by pressing the PS button BEFORE the game is started!

  • Hi Maurice

    Just wanted to thank you for your tip on getting started on PS5 F1 2021. Putting the wheel base in compatibility mode (purple) before you start the game was the answer. It now all works properly from the wheel. Just why this game has to be run in compatibility mode when all the other driving games work in PS mode is beyond me. But thanks again for your help.

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    The answer to your question is very simple: because the game is End of Life and Codemasters did not provided a Patch with native support for this new base, therefore the Compatibility mode has to be used where the game sees the Base as a CSL Elite PS4 Base which is supported by the game.

    F1 2022 should have native support in Blue PS mode from Day1 though.

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