FFB on upshift/downshift in GT7?


I don't get any FFB on upshift or downshift in GT7, is it normal? Do you guys have it with your gear?

I'm using the GT DD pro base with the wheel its coming with, in blue mode on ps5.


  • To clarify, the FFB works fine and everything, but I was expecting to "feel" that I'm upshifting or downshifting in the wheel, like a small rumble maybe

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    Something like that is not supported by GT7, no.

    In fact, it's not supported in most Sims, only in Race Room Racing Experience you can enable it but no other game gives you FFB on shifts, at least I dont know.of any other game where it's supported.

  • Oh ok, that's a shame, that would be a nice addition for immersion. I mean I enjoy the kick my real car give me while driving and changing shifts.

  • I see in your avatar that you have the podium gt world challenge wheel. Is it good with GT7? I was thinking about getting one as a do it all wheel (gt, rally, drift, f1)

  • It is supported on controller and would have been nice to get some feedback on shifts when using a wheel too. I must say, the the implementation of the PS5 controller's haptics is top notch in GT7.

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