Cable length, cable type and extension cable


It looks like my Fanatec wheel GT DD Pro will arrive next week and I build up my rig. I don't know if the USB cable length is long enough to connect my PS5. I need a length of about 3 meters. So how long is the cable and what type of cable is it. Is it a Type-C or Type-A? And is it possible to connect an extension cable? I thought I will order a 1,5m USB extension cable so I'm safe here.


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    I use a 3m USB 3.0 extension-cable(male-female) + orginal usb-c on my ps5. And i have bought a 3m power cable 2.

    Works fine with them.

  • So I have issues with my extension cable. I bought a 1m male to female and I have sometimes a disconnection on my PS5. On my Xbox series X the extension cable works just fine. I have no issues when I use the original cable with my PS5.

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