Serious? We need Podium DD on the options!

Where is the update to the DD1 Podium users to have the wheelbase in the controller options to configure in GT7 menu???

Come on Fanatec... we bought your high end product, and we need your high end product to be on the options for configuration in GT7.

This is a joke and unnaceptable!!! Such a high price on a product for the PLAYSTATION, and we dont have the wheelbase on the options?

You guys made this the only option for us, when the subject were Direct Drive, to buy the bundle... And now, in a new game... You guys dont fight for us, to we have the wheelbase in the game to configure???

Where are your partnership with Gran Turismo and Sony???

We need some explanation, and we need the DD1 PODIUM WHEELBASE on the menu for configuration.


  • You can configure the PS4 DD1 when chosing the CSL Elite Preset without any disadvantage - it is up to Polyphony Digital, the Game Developer, to add specific preset profiles and to support specific buttons, switches etc, this is not up to Fanatec.

    Fanatec can only ask them to do so but in the end if PD does not want to add it then its their choice and there is nothing which could be done against it. Keep in mind that the PS4 DD1 is not an official Gran Turismo licensed product so PD does not really HAVE TO provide a preset for it.

    So you should raise your voice towards the Game Developers in their forums and maybe if enough people raised their voice then they might see that there is demand to implement such things but to ask this here is not the right place.

  • There is no excuse buddy, I know you are always helping here, but there is no excuses.

    Gran Turismo and Sony are partners of Fanatec, isnt it?.... Fanatec should worry much more with the customers. It is a shame to have such high end and priced product, out of the options of wheel configuration, and good aprt of the buttons doesnt working in the new game GT7. 

    And big part of the buttons??? This is much more on Fanatec, to want it´s wheels to work, than on Polyphony... Why the Thrustmaster have all the TGT buttons and scrolls working on the game, since Gt Sport and now in GT7??? And our DD GT Pro and DD Podium users, some of the buttons doesnt work...??? 

    This is much more than blame Polyphony... Fanatec needs to do, and fight for something and make this work... Fanatec are GT Partners... Please Fanatec, Do something...

    Again... There is no excuses and Fanatec is not fighting for this as they really need... This is what seems for me and I think, all DD Podium users.

  • I have my suspicions that the omission of the Podium DD is part of the agreement licencing agreement between the parties. Making official mention of a functionally superior Fanatec product would put a bit of a dampner on the GT DD being the "only official DD wheel for GT sport".

  • WarmRedWarmRed Member

    I see it similarly to "Hugo". As an official partner, Fanatec has totally failed here! A flag ship product that is officially licensed for PS4/PS5 simply has to be included in such a prestigious title.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Bear in mind that the basic functionality of the Podium Racing Wheel F1 is already supported (in its native mode) by GT7. We would like to see more of its unique steering wheel features supported; the addition of the Podium Racing Wheel F1 to GT7's controller options has already been requested. While we are always in communication with Polyphony Digital regarding topics like this, it is ultimately their decision on how they present their game and UI.

    Please keep reports like this respectful. The implementation of controller options is performed entirely by the game developer, we only supply the SDK, along with advice and assistance when necessary. GT7 is a massive project and Polyphony Digital is being pulled in many directions to address issues and feature requests. We encourage you to contact Sony/Polyphony Digital directly to request the addition of more detailed Podium Racing Wheel F1 support. The more customers who send such a request, the higher priority it will be for their development team.

  • I have the DD1 and want to know if anyone else has the problem in GT7 where the car always has the left blinker when your driving. Lol it’s driving me nuts I feel like an idiot that forgot to turn off the blinker lol.

  • Make sure to be on the latest firmware 691 included in driver 439.

  • Thanks I’ll double check. Yea it’s crap that they don’t have DD1 support I guess it would be too much to ask for triple screen support too lol. Anyone know if I were to get a Samsung ultra wide do you gain more of a view on the sides of the car or dose it just stretch the normal image.

  • WarmRedWarmRed Member
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    I have this too (DD1 PS4/5), I thought this was a Game Feacher. For me, however, it is both the blinking when crossing the finish line

    No, the consoles only support 16:9 - an Ultawide is useless. Maybe there will be an update that will support the widescreens.

  • PS5 does not support Ultrawide resolutions and Monitors. All you would get is a stretched ugly image but not more visible area on the screen.

  • Thanks appreciate the info guess I’ll be waiting till 2024 to get triples and a PC for when Assetto Corsa 2 comes out lol. For now GT7 and ACC on the PS5 will have to do lol.

  • Thank You Marcel, to be here!

    Already contacted SOny and Polyphony, this week, and in the past months.

    I think you might know, how us, users of Fanatec brand, are sad about it. I think this must be an all week talk with polyphony and Sony. Cause other companies have their last and best wheels ready to configure in the GT7 menu. Fanatec as a partnership of Gran Turismo and Sony, cant be forgotten. We, users, and you, company, need to overpower this movement and request the DD Podium F1 and other Wheel, to be able to configure in the game. We cant be forgotten! We need to have same rights.

    Hoping to see our wheel in the menus in the next updates.

  • I'd really appreciate button remapping options built in to the firmware if top games like GT7 aren't going to support it natively. I wouldn't mind setting it up with PC-based software, as long as I can select it with a profile.

  • Exactly. What is the partnership worth if you don't getting any saying in how your products are supported in the game? Just the banners on the circuits that say Fanatec? If other companies did get their gear completely supported, you should urge Sony and PD to make your products fully supported as well, soon. That should not be up to the customers, but you the company, especially with this so called partnership.

    I made a similar topic more than a week ago here on the forum and still did not get an official response by Fanatec about the lack of support of wheels. This overlaps with the request here, because we all would like to see some support for the V2.x wheel buttons, that can't be mapped in GT Sport of GT 7.

    To help, I would love to hear how the contact Sony/PD about this, because I will request that support there if it helps to speed things up. But personally, I think it is a cop out to say it is only up to Sony/PD and Fanatec can't do anything about it. It would greatly benefit your sales too if all your gear is natively supported and mappable.

    ATM I am still looking for a round wheel to add next to my F1 2020 LE and I love the Porsche wheel with Endurance module. But if I can't use half the functions, there is absolutely no reason to shell out 650€ for the top model. And I don't think I am the only one.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    For the meantime until they add this you could use compatibility mode and map the buttons by using the CSL Elite profile.

  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    As said we are in contact with them and we've reported it to them already before this thread was created. Did I say anywhere that we don't try to and that we don't make suggestions to them? You make it sound like we don't want to do anything and ask the community to do it but the reason why I've suggested to contact them yourself as well is not because we don't but because the more people raise the topic, the higher it gets on their priority list. It's a huge game, there is probably a tremendous amount of things getting requested from all kinds of people and partners in addition to their own to-do-list.

    We can't just tell them when to do what, it is their game and up to them what they do when, we are not their boss. We can just ask for things, we can't do them ourselves either.

  • A few month ago, before the launch of the new DD pro, the Podium DD was the only direct drive wheel from Fanatec for Playstation. First I have a litte understanding for priorization and communication in such a huge project. Second I agree, that other wheels from Thrustmaster are supported better, even though Fanatec is the official partner for GT7.

    So I see the point that this is one requirement among others. But I wish that Fanatec states in which priority this requirement actually is handled and that Fanatec agrees that Podium DD1 support will be added.

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    Fanatec cant agree that the DD1 support WILL be added. Only the Game Developer can.

    Fanatec can only ask them to do so but in the end it's the game of Polyphony Digital and if they dont want to add it then it wont happen. It's ultimately their decision in the end what products to support and in which way to support them.

  • This might be politically a good speech.

    But partnership - and as far as I understand this Fanatec and PD are partners in case of GT7 wheels - isn't a one way.

    In other words: this laundered political speech is not enough.

  • I also didn't say you weren't in contact with them.

    When you have a partnership, you make a contract that benefits both parties. You make hardware and you want to sell more hardware. Sony/PD make a game that is in high demand and could use your hardware to sell more games. Well a partnership would be beneficial to both! Win-win, no? I guess such a contract would have some stipulations about what is expected from both parties. You made a GT DD Pro bundle, with the logo of the game on it, the hardware that matches the needs in the game and in return you get the support for your hardware in the game, preferrably better than your competitors.

    If your products are less well supported than your rivals, that partnership would no longer be very benificial to you. It gives your rivals more chance of selling hardware, because it is 100% supported and yours maybe 70%. Either the terms in the deal between Fanatec on one side and Sony/PD on the other side are not respected or the terms were not for all your hardware and someone dropped the ball in the negotiations when making this deal.

    As a customer I really don't care which one is the right one. As a customer I want support for the hardware bought. If you told us PD/Sony dropped the ball to make the deadline, but support is coming, I think most of us would have some patience for that to happen. If you made a Mea Culpa, we dropped the ball and forgot to have all our PS (ready) hardware supported in the deal, we would at least know where we would stand. And we would like to know how and when this faux pas would be corrected or not. Instead it is just fingerpointing where none get the wiser.

    So again the questions:

    • Will all current wheels with their buttons, switches and rotaries be supported in GT 7 or just the GT DD Pro Wheel and the PS P1 wheel? For example, will the Formula V2.x get support to map the switches and rotaries that cannot be mapped now? (F1 20xx and ACC can map those, so no hardware limitation)
    • Will the F1 Podium DD1 with Playstation support get a native profile page ingame? (and it has a Formula V2 wheel, so that support would be very important)
    • Is there any indication that the rumble function of the V3 pedals will be implemented in the game?

    Also I asked where to complain to the other party, Sony and PD, I have searched online for a forum, email or website to complain, but could not find it. I have some searching skills, but found nothing where I can report bugs and ask for support regarding hardware. I would like to help to speed things up if the problem is with Sony/PD, but I need to know how to do so. And if more customers would get that information, we might be able to help remedy these shortcomings a bit faster.

    It would be nice to have some transparancy about the partnership and what we the customers can expect from such a deal. Keeping in the dark about it, would not benefit the customers or you the company. I get it that the specifics of such a partnership cannot be made publicly, but at least you can answer the questions asked by me and others.

  • That's all assuming it is that kind of partnership. I suspect it is slightly different, Fanatec were simply keen to get the GT7 licencing rights for the GT Pro and that is all. No wider quid pro quo.

  • That is what I asked about in the last paragraph. If Fanatec would inform us what is included in that partnership, we would know what to expect from either party. But as long as no information about that comes forward, we can only speculate and get our hopes up. If they would say: "Partnership was just for the licensed GT DD Pro and some in game marketing, nothing more." , we would know what to expect.

  • Awesome buddy! Thank you for this understandable and pointable resume... That is my sentiment and feeling too.

  • Hi guys,

    So we have finally got the big update promised for GT7 after some unhappiness from the GT community, & indeed there have even been some changes for Fanatec users. I was indeed pleased to see this, BUT nothing for those of us using Podium wheelbases with their wide range of available steering wheels. I have tried to contact the developers via the GT website, but cannot find a way to do it, to strongly request that they accommodate out needs.

    How can we get together to collectively request our equipment can be used to it’s full benefit? Polyphony have already made mistakes with their Micro Currency, hopefully they should be keen to keep as many users onside as possible.

    I am sure that Fanatec could help with this, via a petition?


  • Game Developers have signaled that they plan to inlcude a Podium Racing Wheel F1 Preset in an upcoming Patch in May or later (no specific ETA other than that they are planning to implement it "soon").

    With todays patch new functions for wheels are supported like the two 2-way-switches as well as the upper APM paddles and Analogue Joysticks. As The Podium Racing Wheel F1 Preset will have the Formula v2 wheel included in the preset maybe they will then also fully implement the rest of the still missing features like MPS and Thumb Encoders but thats unconfirmed.

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