QR2, when?

Pretty straight forward. I don't love the QR on the DD wheel, it's got a bit of flex and can be a trick to get on and off.

QR2 looks like a real motorsports grade QR, so when do they start shipping?



  • No Infos on the QR2 yet.

  • With all the delays and no info I almost expect it will not be here anymore this year. Or they are waiting and want to sell it for the first time during Black Friday. Normally they don't have any issues to start pre-orders with delivery dates multiple months in the future.

    A few have received their BMW M4 GT3 wheel but all without the QR2. So they are first inline to receive one and probably will receive a mail first to buy a base side QR2, then stock is probably already gone and the rest need to wait even longer.

    Also waiting on the QR2 but I'm not expecting it anytime soon.

  • I am concerned about Fanatec's quality control now. Their customer service is really slow. I know I know, if the product is fine, then there is not need for customer service. Is that the price you pay for a DD (be it less powerful) base which is less than half the price of what is out there in the market? I really don't know. 😏

    Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my CSL DD (McLaren wheel) and CSL pedals. I am not even updating the firmware (still on 434) for fear of something happening and having to deal with CS.

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    Nothing to do with it really.

    Could have been inserted into any thread.

    Just my state of mind and a bit of frustration reading all these problems and nothing from Fanatec trying to ease customer's mind and what they are doing.

    And more importantly whether to continue in the Fanatec ecosystem.

    Or am I wrong to read into all these complaints and that it is only a small proportion making a lot of noise.

    I know some could be customer's error in the installation process.

  • No need to spam other people's threads with your internal monologue.

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    Is that call spaming? Just a discussion isn't it? Just an old man mumbling to himself more like... 😁

    My line is, if the quality control is getting worse with poor customer service, why would you want to get a QR2 at all? Diging a deeper hole for yourself are you not?

  • I'm yet to have problems with Fanatec support and I've had a few issues when my hardware has gotten old (5+ years) and out of warranty and Fanatec has always taken good care of me.

    I just want a studier QR2.

  • They should tell us when the QR2 is expected to be released.

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    I'm starting to think the QR2 has been canceled or something. I know products take a while to come to market, but really, how much time is needed for some milled or cast and processed chunks of metal? The biggest hurdle is possibly the wheel side stems, but those seem to be tubes with some wires bolted in. It's been at least 6 months since the QR2 was shown with the BMW M4 GT3 wheel was shown at the Sim Racing Expo in 2021. What gives? At least tell us it's still on the way or something. Sheesh!

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    Thanks Maurice. I see what you did, there.

    I deserved it. LOL

  • But it's had the status "will be released soon" for I believe a couple of years now. Surely by now they must have some information on when it will be finally released? I want to buy the V2.5 version of the F1 wheel and the Porsche wheel bundle, but reluctant to do so now, as I'm afraid I'll have to spend more soon after to upgrade the QR on both.

  • let's see if someone can answer this question: will it be necessary to change the mast of the bases? Maybe the release of the qr2 is being delayed because of the numerous problems with the csldd mast and the disconnections, maybe they are thinking about how to improve the current cclamp system?

  • The shaft would have to be replaced.

    It would be nice if we could attach a fitting to the current shaft end; and use the QR2 with any wheelbase that is compatible with the QR1 but, the QR2 may be smaller in diameter of a QR1 with an adapter installed. So that is probably why Fanatec didn't go that route. Something like that is possible though. Perhaps a 3rd party solution could make such a kit?

    As for the QR1Lite (the plastic QR), revisions would be nice. Although I'm just going to upgrade my CSL WRC wheel to the metal QR1 and be done with the QR1Lite altogether. The QR1 made a huge difference with my McLaren wheel rim. Now it no longer slips and creaks on the CSL-DD's QR shaft. I can confidently turn the FFB up as high as the CSL-DD goes and still drive with a ton of confidence. I use to wonder if the QR1L was going to break, from all the noise it made. Since changing it out, the McLaren feels like a tank.

  • That's caused by a not properly tightened screw and is unrelated to QR1 or QR2.

    The QR2 only comes with a new shaft, not with a new Clamp.

  • yes I know, but the problem that many people are reporting (several of my team for example) and why I am concerned is that the shaft comes out frequently even when tightening the clamp as Fanatec indicates in the video.

  • anyway, it looks like the price is going to be reaaaaaally high.

  • What suggests that pricing? I haven't seen anything resembling a pricing leak.

  • Pure speculation on my part😁. We need to replace the shaft apart from the qr2 itself

  • Prompted by your quote I did a little digging. The Krontec QR-03 which looks suspiciously like our QR2, can be had for around $540 USD for both sides. I know that since we saw the BMW GT4 with the QR2 going directly into the race car it's safe to assume that level of quality is the goal for the Fanatec product as well.

    The question is, will the shaft/output part be sold separately or as part of a QR side/shaft side bundle. How much of the complexity in QR side v the outputside? Is Fanatec licensing from Krontec to manufacture a knock off, is it a joint project, or are they subcontracting to Krontec. Do the volumes Fanatec is planning for for increase or decrease the production costs?

    But yeah if you plan to upgrade the base and 3 or 4 wheels, you should probably have a cool $1000 USD set aside.

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    Fanatec will probably bundle, and also; sell each part individually.

    I'm not going to jump back into speculation on the cost of the QR2. I just will continue to think that it's going to cost a lot more than the QR1. The reasons why, this will most likely be a Podium product. Just the naming convention alone would be how Fanatec will justify its costs. And if that is the case, then I will ask ahead of time that Fanatec makes a Clubsport version of the QR2. LOL

  • Still no sign of QR2

  • I wouldnt be shocked if they did set the price that high especially if other companies are charging that much, but at the same time, i dont see how they could get away with charging that much for a qr2 when the csl dd cost almost as much. At that point people would be better off selling there csl dd with the qr1 and buying a different brand wheelbase with more power and an already better qr system. My intention when buying the csl dd was to buy the qr2 once it was released but if it does all comes to £1000 then in hindsight i would have been better off buying something like a simucube2 that has more power and a qr that is already solid for similar money, a huge upgrade in comparison for the money if the price for the qr2 was to be set that high.

    If Fanatec do plan to charge so much then maybe the delay is due to not wanting to scare off a portion of there customer base before selling a set number of csl dd and other platforms first becuase they should know csl dd owners likely wont pay more for a qr than the actual wheel base cost.

    Im not hating on Fanatec, i love my setup, i just dont like the idea of it costing that much. I expect to pay maybe £150-£200 for upgrading the qr1 system to qr2. Having said that, i expect the qr2 to cost more than the qr1 (wheel side) as a single part purchase.

    Also, the qr quality on the csl dd is lacking with all the clacking going on, we deserve some kinda compensation with the cost of upgrading.

    Fanatec, please dont screw us....

    Also Fanatec, please release the qr2 already....

  • The current qr from other manufacturers (simagic or moza for example) are even cheaper than the qr1 and are certainly much better. The price difference lies in the fact that the rings of these manufacturers are wireless and the connection to the base is simpler and less complex. There is no doubt that mounting a qr2 system on our bases will not be cheap.

    In my case, with a csldd, I don't think it's worth upgrading, surely the next jump will be a dd3 with new rings in the future :-)

  • I'm not sure the QR on the CSL DD is upgradable?

    I found the Krontec QR-03 for 399GBP, so that's a starting point for guessing.

  • Question from customers: "When will the QR2 be released?"

    Answer from Fanatec: "soon"

    This has been going on for like 2 years now........

    My guess: NEVER

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