Why the status "Sold out" and not "Pre order" ??

Question. I have noticed that several wheel bases have the status "Sold out" and not "Pre order". While some do actually have the status "Pre order" even though they are in fact "Sold out".

Why is that?? The reason I ask is because I was thinking about ordering a DD1, but noticed that its "Sold out". But the DD2 is still available. Does this "Sold out" status mean that its not going to be produced anymore? That there is some kind of new product on the way to replace those products? If thats the case, then I wont even consider buying a DD2 instead of the DD1.


  • Sold out means Fanatec does not know a date when the product gets available again, most likely because of the global Chip shortage crisis.

  • That happened indeed with the csl elite wheelbase line and with th CSW v2.5 . But i think i have seen many products be sold out and then after some weeks back for pre-order again.

  • Yep, waiting on the DD2 as well. Seems to be available in Europe and Japan but no dice on US. IDK if ordering from another region is allowed but I'm considering paying the euro tax for it.

  • Can't order from another region either. It would be nice if there were a notify me button on the page.

  • Furqan KhanFurqan Khan Member
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    I got a DD2 for sale if any of you want one

    located in Houston, TX

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