Porsche 911 steering wheel button mapping issue

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Hi guys,

good evening,

I have recently purchased the Porsche 911 GT3 R steering wheel for the PS5 platform. I am having some difficulty with mapping the buttons & I was wondering if any of you guys come across the same.

the issue occurs when playing Assetto Corsa Competitzoine. I was successfully mapping all the buttons except when I try to map the MPS Dials. I usually set the right MPS Dial to traction control and the left MPS Dial to differential in any other fanatec wheel. So I decided to follow the same method on my 911 RS.

On the control menu I set increasing traction control as one click on the MPS dial - clock wise and degreasing is one click anti clock wise then save and exit to the track.

while driving I was clicking the dial clock wise and indeed the traction control increased by 1 however when I turn the MPS dial clockwise again to further increase TC nothing happens ?

same thing happens with the differential MPS.

when I use the mclaren gt3 wheel, the mps works absolutely fine, if I turn the mps 3 clicks clockwise traction control increase value increases accordingly .

anyone can advise if this a hardware issue or software issue?




  • I have the same exact issue. I've upgraded the wheel and hub to the latest drivers but it didn't help. Any luck on your end?

  • Hi,

    I don’t have the same wheel but few days ago I choose a new setup from the tuning menu to test some parameters and the two mp switches were acting like this: one click one increment and that’s it, plus normal directions were also inverted.

    After a while I changed the AUTO value for the MPS to Pulse and everything was back to normal for both.

    The actual physical MPS mode selector is always in AUTO position though, changed the setting in one of the available 5 sets.

    Formula V2.5x wheel, PS5, ACC, blue mode and ps compatibility mode as well, they work the same.

    Maybe you’ve tried already...


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