F1 22 Limited Wheel

Does anyone know around when they will open up orders for the F1 22 wheels?


  • Hello Andre,

    I’m not sure if there will be any. Were did you find that fanatec will release f1 22 wheels?

    Best regards


  • Hello Casper,

    They release a F1 limited edition each year since 2018 at that period of the year so we can expect the same for this year.



  • Yep I'm waiting on it myself too guys. Last year was released on June 2nd, fingers crossed for simular timescale ready for delivery before the new game release.

  • Hope it comes with the APM this year too ! Gutted that I missed last year model (thanks boss to interupt me during the checkout....) so I really hope to be lucky this time.

  • Ditto but slightly different, didn't know about LE version, ordered a V2 literally this time last year for it to be delivered a day or 2 before LE21 came out.

    Yeah gutted, but determined to get one this year.

    Hopefully APM again yes and hoping for a nice colour scheme too

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