"Completely Shipped" But No Tracking

This is my first order with Fanatec, I've ordered the CSL DD F1 Esports Bundle shipping to the UK.

When I originally ordered it was a pre-order for 15th June due to the CSL Load Cell being out of stock till then. I just happened to check the website a few days ago and noticed the bundle was in stock again. Went over to my order page and the order status is showing as "Completely Shipped".

I can only assume this means the order has left Fanatecs warehouse and is with UPS (and has been for couple of days), however I am yet to receive a tracking number. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

I saw a few reddit posts about getting the UPS app and that tends to notify people they have an incoming package before they receive tracking from Fanatec but that's showing nothing. I also can't seem to find any posts anywhere with people referring to the order status of "Completely Shipped".


  • Check your emails. Look in your junk folder. Re-confirm your number, address and email in your account is correct.

  • Mine also completely shipped yesterday and I have no tracking number yet.

  • FWIW, I placed an order on May 24 at 3:40pm local time here in the US, for a replacement loadcell for my CSP v1's.

    Got an email 9am the next morning (25th) stating that the order was "warehouse processing" and would be shipped soon. Later that day, at 5pm, I got an email from FedEx with tracking info, stating that it should arrive by June 1st. Current order status in my Fanatec profile shows "Completely Shipped", but no specific tracking information.

    I believe this is normal. I'm pretty sure I've always had tracking info come directly from FedEx themselves. I'm guessing this is because I'm signed up to receive email notifications from them anytime something addressed to me is shipped. Might be worth going to FedEx.com to do the same, if you're having issues and the app isn't getting you what you want.

  • I believe mine will be delivered by UPS.

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    The tracking number will appear eventually. Took 2 or 3 days for it to show up on my order on the website.

  • You can track it with the order number. Mine shipped monday, being delivered tomorrow, and I still never got a tracking number sent by Fedex

  • I've done all of the above, can confirm all account details correct. Fanatec live chat is useless, keeps saying I'm in a queue (was No.1 expected wait 20 seconds earlier) and then switches to "Currently no agent is available"

  • Mine is delivered by UPS as in UK. I've signed up for UPS My Choice but no inbound packages have shown up unfortunately. No email from them with tracking yet either

  • I think I tried this, I went on UPS Tracking and clicked "Track by reference number" instead of entering a tracking number. I tried both my order number and customer number as I've seen people suggest both, however it said nothing could be found :(

  • Finally got through to someone on live chat and his response to asking whether my order had been shipped or not was "small delays and holiday in Germany yesterday". I then asked if he could let me know the actual status of the order and had no reply. 5 minutes or so later I sent a message saying are you still there and he replied saying it's been transferred to the warehouse. Not overly impressed with their live chat after it took so long to get connected, then the guy seemed quite rude and abrupt.

    I mean fair enough if there are delays and a public holiday in Germany yesterday, although Fanatecs order status is a bit misleading saying "Completely Shipped", when it's not shipped.

  • USA order: Received "completely shipped" status May 30th (midnight): 5 days later no FedEx updates. I see Germany celebrates upcoming Monday June 6th as some kind of bank holiday--Whit Day--so I'm expecting additional delays. I'll try to sit on my hands until June 13th (2 weeks) before I start asking questions...tick...tock...tick...tock...

  • FedEx attempted to deliver--signature required-- in Colorado 6 days after "completely shipped" status. Had to email Fanatec to request a FedEx tracking#. I recommend requesting your tracking# from Fanatec customer service, if you don't receive it within 24hrs of "completely shipped" status

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