any idea what I can do to resolve this?

Hello, I received my GT DD Pro about 3 weeks ago and I have a couple of issues with it. Yes I have updated the firmware and calibrated on the PC.

  1. Wheel disconnects from games about once every hour or so. I have seen the video on loosening collar and pushing shaft in and making sure collar is in the correct position. Mine did not need to be pushed in but went through the process anyway with no change to the problem.
  2. My wheel will not stay centered while driving. The wheel when not in use sits centered, as soon as there is force applied to the wheel from ANY game, the wheel tilts to the left almost at 11:00. I have to fight the wheel to drive in every single game. Using the in-game calibrations will not help.

I noticed when looking at other peoples DD Pro's the collar when aligned correctly over the slot on the shaft should sit with the flat side perfectly vertical on the right side. Mine does not, it sits tilted downward quite a bit. I am thinking this is why the base feels it needs to shift the wheel counter clockwise.

Can anyone suggest a resolution at all? I have placed a support request but haven't heard back as of yet.

This is the second time I have had to post this as the one I posted yesterday stated it would be reviewed before being posted. Why on earth would this be rejected?


  • James: I know you may have already done this but just to make sure all is connected correctly try these suggestions:

    1: Unplug everything and re-plug.

    2: On my DD PRO which I use exclusively on PS4/5 the wheel is NOT centered. However, once on and in driving mode it centers itself.

    3: Verify w hich color mode your wheel is on. Blue light should show if using Playstation 5 and another color for ps 4/5 and yet red for use with computer.

    4: You have already made sure your shaft is in secured but I might suggest you check the make certain in screws or bolts on the wheel shaft and the DD PRO are all secure and not lose. I've experience some lose screws previously so you have nothing to lose.

    If you still have problems then contact Fanatec.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the reply, Yes I have disconnected everything a couple times,

    it is centered when not in use, as soon as driving it goes off-center. Completely opposite of your experience.

    I have tried it in both ps5 and compatible mode.

    I can look for loose screws.

    I think I'm at the point that if Fanatec doesnt reply to me by the end of the weekend I will contact my credit card company and dispute the purchase for faulty product. Fanatec will then have a certain amount of time to reply to them and if not I will get credited and I will send this thing back to them collect.

    I should have really took all the complaints on this forum more seriously before purchasing the product.

  • FInally received something from Fanatec... this company is an absolute joke.

    "Please find a link attaches, which shows you how to perform the wheel center calibration.

    You can perform the wheel center calibration also in the control panel, by using the button "wheel calibration".

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


    (Fanatec Support Team)"

  • Hi James. Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time with support. I'm afraid I don't have anything particularly useful to add, but I did notice that you had said in your first post that it said it needed to be reviewed before being posted.

    I've had the same thing happen to me on a few occasions. I don't think it's actually being reviewed, it's the screwy forum software acting up. You may notice sometimes that if you post something and try to edit it quickly, the entire post will be blank when you save it. Also due to screwy forum software.

    Regarding your ongoing issue with your base, it seems like your only recourse is to send it in for repair/ replacement. I suppose you could try to dispute the charge with your CC company stating it's a faulty product, but you've got a couple of things working against you there, I think. Fanatec have a 14-day return policy on their products, which has obviously now closed. That being the case, and with the product still under warranty and Fanatec being willing to repair/ replace it (albeit without much urgency), I'm not sure how successful you'd be going down that road.

    I think unfortunately you're going to need to settle in for a long, frustrating few weeks or so while you try to get this sorted with Fanatec.

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