Did I waste my money or just bad luck.

New to simracing and I'm starting off with a console and GT7. Instead of purchasing a lower end Logitech or Thrustmaster setup I went with the DD Pro, pedal upgrades, Club Sport f1 v2 wheel and a Playseat Challenge, needless tom say it was not a cheap venture. But why get something less only to upgrade later.

However, I have yet to log 1 lap using the Fanatec gear. First drivers wouldn't load, wheel wouldn't update, then finally have the GT wheel and pedals all good but here comes the F1 wheel. Lock it on, wheel base goes dead, lab doesn't see equipment, wheel just clicks, clicks and spins until unplugged. Tried everything from support and now I had to send the wheel base and f1 wheel back on an RMA. I hope it gets fixed, it will be over two months since purchase but the time it get returned.


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