Please FANATEC Where is the recommended setting for F1 2022 PS5 and PC???

Come on guys???

1 month almost, that the game was realeased... Can u guys inform something about recommended setting for F1 2022 PS5 and PC????

Or edit if it was the same as the F1 2021???


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  • Seriously. Both Fanatec and EA have caused this year's F1 launch to be absolutely terrible. Almost a month and only one patch from EA that caused more issues than it fixed, and I have yet to see Fanatec say anything about F1 2022. It's not like the Fanatec F1 wheel we all bought costs $400 or anything. How dare we expect support for the main F1 game in a timely manner

  • I believe you get those if you go to the fanalab forum - profiles thread, download the fanalab profile for F1-22 (updated), which download includes a txt file with the in-game settings. IOW, they have already been provided.

  • Those are not official recommendations. Just user guesstimates.

  • There are sticky threads on this forum that have always had Fanatec recommended settings. GT settings came out the day the game was released.

    Console users don’t have fanalab and those settings are not for Xbox or PS users.

  • I have been using the recommended PC settings for F1 21 on a DD1 in PC Mode. Personally, I enjoy the game that way, and I think I saw it mentioned that even the Fanalab (which I don't use) settings for F1 22 are the same as for F1 21, I could be mistaken though. Also, that's just my personal preference, I play racing games for fun and not competitively.

    On a side note, I had been holding off on F1 22 since I had issues with F1 21 crashing. When I finally gave 22 a shot via EA Play on Steam I had one EGO Dumper crash within 2 hours. I then read that the Origin version seems to be more stable, which has been my experience as well so far. Not a single crash in 6 hours of playing.

    Just thought I'd throw it out there, since a lot of people are reporting EGO Dumper crashes with the F1 games.

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