F1 22 GT PRO DD FFB Settings on Xbox Series X

I'm trying to find the best settings for the game but there are so many and I don't know which one to choose.

A guy I know plays 100 in game and 100 in Fanalab but I should be The Hulk to play that values.

I've found this https://simracingsetup.com/f1-2022/f1-22-best-fanatec-wheel-settings/ but it's still too hard.

What about using F1 21 settings for CS V2.5X?

Any suggestion or help would be very appreciated


I've got GT PRO DD + CS V2.5X + CS V3


  • It's impossible to tell you which settings are best, as everyone is different and will have slightly different preferences regarding how things feel.

    Best thing to do is to just try them out. Drive three or four laps and see how it feels. Change one setting at a time, drive for a few laps, and see how that change feels. Change only one setting at a time as you do this, so that you learn how changing each setting will affect your steering feel.

    You say those settings are too "hard". You could try lowering the overall in-game FFB Strength. Or try lowering the wheel's NDP (natural damper) or NFR (natural friction) settings, or some combination of those.

    Personally, when I'm testing settings and I don't understand what they do, I like to test them three ways: once with the setting all the way to maximum, again with the setting completely off or at minimum, and then again at halfway. From there, I can usually gauge where it will feel "pretty good" and I can fine tune as I go, if need be.

    By following a process like this, it may take a little while, but you'll then have a much better understanding of how your wheel works and you'll be much better able to dial in your preferred settings on your own.

  • Since I have a CSL DD wheelbase now I'm playing with these settings (suggested by Fanatec)

    In-Game Settings:

    Vibration & Force Feedback: On

    Vibration & Force Feedback Strength: 60

    On Track Effects: 10

    Rumblestrip Effects: 20

    Off Track Effects: 20

    Wheel Damper: 10

    Understeer Enhance: Off

    Maximum Wheel Rotation: 360

    It's still a little hard but I can play with it and, by the way, it's mi first DD wheelbase and I need time to get used to it

  • Anyway I understand what you say. I'm only looking for a good starting point.

    CSL DD settings are quite good for the moment

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