[Resolved] Problem: I Steer 90°, The Car Steers 180°

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Issue: The steering wheel is too sensible in the game. If I turn 90°, the car steers 180°. I have recalibrate the steering wheel and update the firmware, but the problem persists. The settings are set as per recommended here on the forum.

I installed Fanalab to check the steering wheel was fine and it passes all tests. The exponential steering is set to 0, I played with the SEN and could not find a solution. The steering Angle for formula 1 is set to 340.

Does anyone have the same issue and found a solution?

Set up:

- Xbox series x

- Gran Turismo DD Pro

- Clubsport Formula V2.5

- Game F1 22


  • You need to set SEN to 2520 in the Tuning Menu and 360 in the game.

  • Thanks for the feedback @maurice, I think this solution might work. My steering wheel only gets up to 1080, then switches to Auto. Any way to got around it?

  • You have to switch to the advanced menu mode.

    To switch between the Standard and Advanced tuning menus, press the tuning menu button to open the tuning menu first, then press it again and hold it for 3 seconds.  

  • Thanks Alessandro! That actually fixed the problem and it now steers as it should :)

  • Kind of amazing that this problem has apparently existed for more than a year, but they still haven't bothered to mention it in any of the docs where someone might find it. I've been fighting with wheel sensitivity for a month before it occurred to me to look here.

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