CSL DD support (Supplied Serial Number but getting article not found error)

Trying to get support for my CSL DD while it is still in warranty, the wheel while in game play never stays centred even after calibration, It stays centred for only a few seconds. This happens also in the PC Fanatec Control Panel, after calibration and a couple of turns. It progressively gets worst and worst to a point your steering wheel is off by over 90 degrees or more. I am running the latest firmware (wheel base), (motor), 1 (steering wheel). I have also noticed the steering wheel indicator showing "CAL" from time to time.

Also tried opening a support ticket but wouldn't accept the serial number. I have supplied the S/N that is indicated at the bottom of the CSL DD. Can someone help? or have experienced similar issue to mine? Also, how to go back to previous firmwares? I have no idea.


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