Where did the SHO setting go?

Is this just permanently set to "on" now? I cannot find the SHO setting either in the UI software or on my Porsche endurance module. I feel like I'm still getting brake vibration properly, so I'm guessing it's just been left to permanently on now?


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    In newer firmwares SHO was removed on wheels which do not have vibration motors so SHO would have been useless before as SHO controls the vibration motors of supported steering wheels. It has nothing to do with pedal vibrations.

    The button Module Endurance does not have vibration motors, therefore in newer firmwares the SHO setting was removed and is not available on that wheel.

  • Ahh, thank you for clarification. Is there a list of wheels that do? I think my ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2, might?

  • Every ClubSport Formula Wheel, the ClubSport BMW v1, the ClubSport Porsche 918 Wheel.

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