ISSUES: CSL Elite - PS5 - Update 691

Hi All,

Long time follower and first time poster - be gentle!

-Using Windows 11

-Playing on PS5

-F1 E-Sports Rim

-Clubsport GT Rim

I recently downloaded the latest Fanatec Firmware update, as from memory, i was running something like 430 on my CSL Elite.

I installed the package onto my Windows Surface laptop (not tablet, im on Windows 11) and connected my my CSL to the laptop. Firstly, in the blue light mode the Fanatec Control Manager says "This is in Playstation mode, please change". Ok cool. So I click the 'Mode' button and go to the red light and that's where it happens - No Device Detected. So, I hold down the mode button and get it into compatibility mode and all of a sudden, it comes up with now retired Elite CSW (I think) on the control manager screen. In that mode, I have tried to update the firmware and it seems to, but now my rims don't work. I get through to the next screen where I can update my wheelbase, but it it not recognizing my rims or V3 pedals. The wheelbase update executes and the wheelbase even restarts, then nothing. At that point it asks that my wheelbase be put into 'pc mode' - red light i believe - then the application goes into "not responding'.

Interestingly, I now have a green, blue, red and yellow lights in the mode (green of which i didn't have last update), so something has change.

If anyone could give me a hand, I would really appreciate it. I have a partially update wheelbase now I presume and two rims that aren't recognized period.



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