USB 3.0

Hi all, from memory the USB connections all the fanatec gear are USB 2.0. will I have any connectivity issues if I plug into USB 3.0 instead?

For some reason I thought I had read in the past that fanatec gear did not like USB 3.0 connections.

I am building a new PC and there are no USB 2.0 connections that will be usable.



  • USB 3.0 is designed to be backwards compatible with USB 2.0. Some early implementation of USB 3.0 did have some issues with some USB 2.0 devices, but as USB 3.0 is coming up for 15 years old now the chances are that your PC won't be affected by these issues. Give it a try, you should be fine.

  • Okay, well that is good to know, thanks man. I wonder why new fanatec gear is still 2.0, well I assume it is?

  • You have read an old information, moreover incomplete, in which it is recommended, in case of EMI problems, to use a USB port, a PCI Express card, or a self-powered HUB, with USB 2.0 format, as it has a slower communication speed and is presumably less sensitive to interference and disconnections.

    It's the problem with the internet, old news stays forever, and authors often don't add the date when they publish it.

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