So the Official GT7 Base/Wheel (Fanatec GT DD Pro) is the only one crashing in GT7?

I have been playing last month GT7 with the PS controller, a logitech G29 and a Fanatec GT DD Pro

I only have issues when using Fanatec: game freezes for 1-2 seconds every 5-6 minutes, playing on PS4 Pro, making me lose 2-3 positions in the race. No issues with the PS Controller or the Logitech G29

Ironically, the Fanatec is the only one claimed as "The Offical Gran Turismo Wheel"

Will they fix this any soon?


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    salut, même probleme pour moi, GT DD pro de 8 nm avec volant clubsport v2 sur ps4.

    l'image freeze et le volant se bloque pendant 2 / 3 secondes pour revenir normal ensuite.

    ça m'arrive plusieurs fois dans une course, c'est très fatiguant.

    j'avais un TGT 2 avant, je n'ai jamais eu de soucis, la avec Fanatec à peine un mois après mon achat, j'ai déjà des problèmes.

    En espèrent que Fanatec ou Polyphony règle ça dans une MAJ.

  • This is a game issue exclusively on PS4 introduced with Game Patch 1.26 which PD needs to fix in an upcoming patch.

  • So glad I searched and saw these. Real neglectful of PD and Fanatec not to do a release acknowledging the lag….it’s been over a month now since 1.26 and 1.27 didn’t even hint of this issue …this is second time an update has messed up a new affiliate partnership and we all who invested in the new need answers and fixes more frequently. They can change races when there are cheat glitches overnight remember!!!

  • GT7 totally unplayable atm with issues, however played GT Sport last night with no issues whatsoever - no gears freezing or gear changing lag but crisp changes was a pleasure to play uninterrupted game play again

  • Update, so I deleted GT7 off my PS5 then reinstalled it earlier today. Having just tested it before, I encountered no issues whatsoever with the wheel, gear changes or freezing at all.

    Hopefully that this has fixed my issues for now fingers crossed

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