Several issues

Hi everyone,

I'm disappointed. When GT7 came out, I bought the GTDDRO which I completed with the V3 pedals + a Porsche Podium GT3 steering wheel. 

Just yesterday, when I was playing, I had the steering wheel go rigid several times. I go back to the PIT and come back to the track and it works again. The problem comes back, I do the same thing again but it doesn't work so I leave the lobby and go back, it works again. Then the problem comes back a third time, I have to turn the wheel off and on again. The base is in blue position.

For this steering wheel, I also have trouble finding the right button mapping because the game suggests GTDDPRO or Podium F1, which does not match my steering wheel. If anyone can give me a tip, that would be nice. 

Secondly, I also have a problem with the pedalboard. I often have differences in braking. At first I thought the problem was with me, but I had another person test it and they see the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas?

I'm in the 447 version, everything is up to date. 

For the steering wheel, I even thought of buying the formula 2.5X, to put the podium HUB and like that, I will have more facilities to parameterize the steering wheel (F1 Podium in the game). However, I'm really disappointed that I put so much money into the Fanatec hardware and have so many problems.


  • Not sure I can help much w your first issue, but sounds like this happens in online races? Does same thing happen when playing single player? if not then may be internet connection related. If so then may be a base or cable issue. I have a DDPro and have not had that issue.

    For button mapping, get the advance podium module manual - it has a button mapping list for PS4/5 showing which buttons map to what PS buttons/commands. The PS4 button cap set can be special ordered from Fanatec or get the label set. Then in GT7 set the buttons to the functions listed as desired - does not matter that wheel is not shown. But unique controls shown on the DDpro wheel (dials) or Formula wheel (toggles) that are not on the GT3 wheel can’t be used.

    regarding pedals, I have V3 pedals. Check the driver setup on the PC used to install firmware. There is a newer version but pretty much the same as 447. (Also pedal firmware will likely need an update if you had not done so. Pedals must be connected via USB not the base to update separately.) I don’t see any similar issue, but have seen that some of the driver settings can affect how GT and other PS games interact - try turning off any of the manual config or other driver options. GT7 has a calibration screen which shows pedal operation. Use that to compare to how the PC driver control panel displays the information.

  • You don't need the Podium Hub to use the Formula V2.5 or V2.5X with the Fanatec GT DD PRO wheelbase.. so i don't understand what you mean by that

    You just need to find what every button of your GT wheel translates to the PlayStation buttons and then you can remap the buttons in the PlayStation Settings, in GT7 i think you can't remap

  • What I mean: The Porsche steering wheel does not appear in the GT7 menus. The steering wheels that do appear are the GTDD Pro and the F1 Podium, and I was wondering if buying the Formula 2.5X and putting the podium hub which is on the Porsche would maybe solve my problem.

  • You cant put a Podium Hub on a Formula v2.

    And no, it would not solve this as GT7 only uses wheel base presets, not specific steering wheel presets like all other games. Nothing you can do.

  • My friend, if you buy any of the Fanatec F1 Formula wheels, 2.5 or 2.5X it will work with GT 7 and you can select the Podium F1 preset in-game

    I have the Formula F1 2021 and i can select the preset in GT 7 of the Podium F1 wheel

  • I recently got the Porsche Podium GT3 wheel. (great wheel BTW) I realize now some of the OPs confusion. There is no matching wheel as stated, however button assignment to wheel functions can be done.

    For the Button Module Endurance the button mapping to PS buttons as described in the Fanatec guide must be assigned in GT7 using the DDPro wheel config page. Setting these on the Formula page have no effect.

    But the toggle switches and APM paddles must be set on the Formula wheel page. Rotary encoders are not supported either place.

    You have to use both Fanatec wheel layouts to assign all the features of the GT3 Podium wheel.

  • You can not configure a Wheel with two different base presets.

    GT7 only uses presets for bases, not wheels. So everything you adjust in the GT DD PRO preset will NOT be applied to the P RW F1 preset!

  • thx - my bad - initial test was not extensive enough. I see now the base determines the preset. What confused me a bit was that the other GT3/Formula V2 controls - left analog stick, APM upper padels, toggle switches - do inherit the default settings from the Podium preset, but changing them on that preset does not actually change the behavior on the wheel

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