will fanatec ever implement the rev lights and oled display on xbox?

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I use a csl dd with a formula v 2.5 on an xbox series x, honestly i have no complaints except for this one. These features work on PlayStation, and from what I understand it is on fanatecs side to implement them on the xbox.

I was well aware of this before purchasing, but after driving it for quite some time it does feel like it is missing a key feature to the product. I have been hoping for a fix in the firmware but it doesnt seem like one is coming, does anyone know any real answers as to why this is and if it is going to get fixed?


  • See below comment from the Beta driver section. So looks like it will come sometime in the (far) future.

  • I don't think it's totally true because before the actual CSL DD + Formula 2.5 I had a Logitech G923 and the led were working! And more buttons were mappable furthermore. So they don't tell the complete truth

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    Logitech used a loophole in the code which was closed by Microsoft. Microsoft developed a new GDK only recently late last year which made it officially possible to use more features, but for that a special SDK needs to be developed by the wheel manufacturers and then implemented by the games. This SDK is currently in development and once finished will be sent to the game developers which then need to implement this into their games so it's then fully up to the game developers in the future if more features are supported or not.

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