H Pattern Shifter Missing Shifts (AGAIN!!)


Back in 2019, I bought the SQV1.5 shifter, and weeks after, the H pattern shifting started "missing shifts", For example, if you "engage 3rd" the game could receive R, 1st, 3rd, or 5th. This does not happen every time, but about 3 times a lap to Donington.

is there something I could do/check/inspect?

I have NOT changed anything, I do have all drivers and FW up to date.

Any recommendation will be appreciated



  • Yes you can update to latest driver 450 which has a fix for that issue.

  • He says drivers and fw are latest.

    If that is case then...

    I had same problem and tried "tape fix" so you put 1-3 layer tape under electric boards of shifter.

    It works a while but problem will come back.

    What seemed to work is clean electric boards with isopropanol alcohol (IPA) and clean all grease from shifter and use silicone based grease for electric devices instead of original.

    Don´t know was it permanent fix because I sold the shifter, however it worked many months flawlessly.

  • Latest doesn't mean anything.

    100% sure latest in this case is not 450.

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