DD PRO wheel base, Clubsport Formula v2.5 steering wheel: MFD switches to Fuel all the time

I use the DD PRO wheel base with the Clubsport Formula 2.5 steering wheel. When driving in GT7, the on-screen display (NOT the display on the steering wheel) can be changed between session times, radar, weather, Fuel/Power, Brake bias and Traction control. One can switch this display by using the MFD toggle switch. Typically, during the race, this will be set to radar or session times.

When in the race, at random, GT7 switches to the 'Fuel/Power' display, no matter where it was set to originally. Sometimes, it will also change the power setting to 2, 3 or 4. (Normally, it is set to 1). When I select another menu (session times, radar or other), it will switch again to 'Fuel' after a few seconds, or 20 seconds, or 50 seconds (this happens randomly). This only happens in races, not in qualifying sessions or time trial etc. (because there, the 'Fuel/Power' menu cannot be selected manually either). The wheel base is set ot PS5 mode (yellow), not compatibility mode (purple)

In GT7, under the menu options->controllers, i tried with both the FANATEC DD PRO controller and the FANATEC PODIUM controller. No matter which controller is set, the issue occurs.

GT7 apparently assumes that the the wheel that came with the DD PRO is used, but this is not the case.

Also, the left joy-stick can't be disabled, because there is none on the wheel that came with the DD PRO.

This is very annoying because I keep hitting that joystick when I tunr sharp right. I can disable this button in the CSL elite setting, but then I would have to run in compatibility setting, which swithes to the Fuel MFD more frequently.

Is there any solution for this?


  • Are you sure you don't accidentally touch the left thumb encoder while driving?

    This left thumb encoder will change the fuel map and it can happen without feeling it just by touching it while driving.

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    Hi, I have siliar issue but on csl elite base and mclaren v1 wheel. mfd settings are going wild during race. Randomly change tks or brake balance. It only happens with the mclaren wheel. on my p1 wheel and on my f1 v1 wheel i have not this problem. Only in GT7, but GT Sport works fine. Don't know how to solve. Tested with another CSL Elite Base, and everything is fine. It must be a Problem with the Base.

  • Hello everyone, I have the same problem with the thump encoder on the right side. I only play GT7 and the problem occurs sporadically, especially when vibrations are a concern. Then the brake distribution changes from front to back as if by magic, and sometimes it doesn't respond to input at all. I was hoping that the problem would go away with the QR2 system, but unfortunately it still exists with the new QR2. What can I do to solve the

    problem? Maybe the steering wheel is defective? Kind regards, Silvan

  • Hello

    i Have The Same Problem.

    DD1 Base

    f1 2020 Wheel

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